Kyberian Bill of Rights

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The Kyberian Bill of Rights is a piece of legislature stating the rights of every Kyberian citizen.

Act I

All citizens of Kyberia have the right to vote upon who represent them in government through the Representative of the People, and members of parliament.

Act II

All citizens of Kyberia are given the right of freedom of speech, religion, and press, but not the freedom of harassment (see act VII).


Act III states the weapon rights of Kyberian citizens.

Section i

Under the crown, citizens not within the royal guard or military with proper permits are allowed a maximum of one handgun and hunting rifle. Combat rifles be it semi or fully automatic weapons are strictly forbidden in the hands of citizens. If a citizen is found by government officials, the citizen in question will be immediately prosecuted. Citizens with proper permits must have their permits renewed by the Kyberian Weapon Regulation Service.

Section ii

Citizens are allowed and encouraged to own bladed weapons such as swords, daggers, knives, hatchets, etcetera as self defence weapons. These weapons must be registered under the Kyberian Weapon Regulation Service, and permits must be renewed annually. Any Kyberian citizen is permitted to have as many bladed weapons as desired so long as they are registered under the Kyberian Weapon Regulation Service.

Act IV

Act IV states the legal and legislative rights of Kyberian citizens

Section i

Any citizen of Kyberia has the right to run for parliament, and vote for who the citizens would like to represent them in their region of Kyberia. All citizens are also given the right to vote for the Speaker of the House of Parliament.

Section ii

All citizens of Kyberia have the right to a fair and equal trial, unless martial law is in effect. The offender is to have an equal say in the matter of that of the prosecutor and each side will be taken into account equally. The offender in question is to be assumed guilty until proven innocent in order to safeguard that of the citizens of Kyberia.

Act V

Excessive bail and billing along with cruel and unusual punishments are strictly prohibited.

Act VI

The use and development of chemical weaponry is strictly illegal by military and citizen. Extreme measures shall be taken to protect the well-being of the Kyberian people and that of other nations.


The harassment of any person within the Empire of Kyberia no matter race, ethnicity, origin, sexuality, or citizenship is strictly prohibited. Serious consequences follow if this act is violated.


Act VIII states the addictive drug rights of Kyberian citizens.

Section i

The use and distribution of any highly addictive and/or harmful substance (Examples: cocaine, heroin, lysergic acid diethylamide, methamphetamine, etcetera) is strictly prohibited among all Kyberian citizens. A minimum of a 5000 dollar fine must be paid if violated.

Section ii

The use of tobacco in the form of cigarettes, E-cigarettes, cigars, and recreational marijuana is legal within private property with paid registration. One must be registered under the Kyberian Drug Regulation Service in order to smoke previously stated drugs on private property. Smoking in public is prohibited and applicable to a 1000 dollar fine and a relinquishment of registration within the Kyberian Drug Regulation Service.

Act IX

Act IX states the domestic animal rights of Kyberian citizens.

Section i

Domesticated farm animals must not undergo genetic growth modification or be exposed to any dangerous chemicals in order to be sold within the Empire of Kyberia. The animals must be killed quickly and humanely, with animal pens cleaned weekly as to limit spread of pestilence.

Section ii

Any animal within the Empire of Kyberia must be treated with respect. No physical or mental harm must come to the animal from any human unless in self defence.

Act X

Tea must be sold and distributed at a low price in order to ensure everyone has access to the national beverage. National tea time is from 15:00 to 17:00, which is when the monarch is typically served tea. Citizens of Kyberia are encouraged to drink tea at this time, though it is not necessary.