Easter War

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Easter War
Part of Westsylvania War II
Date April 6th, 2012 - April 25, 2012
Location Sub Crawford
Result Crawford Empire Victory

Sub Crawford Destroyed Treaty of Linesville (Ongoing)

Sub Crawford

link={{{2}}} Sub Crawford
WestsylvaniaFlag.png Westsylvanian Mercenaries

Crawford Empire

link={{{2}}} Crawford Empire

link={{{2}}} Michele link={{{2}}} James
Noflag.png 1

WestsylvaniaFlag.png 3

link={{{2}}} 14
Injuries and losses
0 0

April 6th

Crawford Empire's North army crossed the border in early afternoon on April 6th. After a quick skirmish Crawford Empire retreated.

April 7th - 15th

Between April 7th to the 15th there was a few battle. Most of them were Crawford Empire victory. Also Sub Crawford hired Westsylvanian Mercenaries to defend Linesville.

Battle of April 16th

On April 16th Crawford Empire invaded Linesville. At Linesville 2 Mercenaries and 1 Sub Crawfordian Defended against 7 troops from Crawford Empire Army. Sub Crawford withstood the siege until sun down. The battle became so desperate that the defenders have to scavenge for ammo so there LMG would be sill firing. When the sun went down the Crawford Empire retreated.

The Four Day Battle

On April 21th the Crawford Empire Army brought 10 troops into Sub Crawford for a final battle.

Day One

3 Mercenaries and 1 Sub Crawford fend off Crawford Empire just outside of Linesville. Only 5 out of the 10 Crawford Troopers engage in the battle. And dew to poor communication they couldn't get any reinforcement to the battle. So after two hours the Sub Crawford won.

Day Two

The Same defenders meet the full Crawford Army on Day Two. The Sub Crawford line was force back into Linesville.

Day Three

Most of the fighting was in Linesville. Sub Crawford LMG fired rounds into the Crawford Line. Towards The end of the day 2 snipers flank the Sub Crawford line. Sub Crawford retreated to the capital building.

Day Four

After being out flanked and outnumbered the Mercenaries escaped at noon over to Westsylvania. After that the battle last 30 minuets.