Earl-Marshal (Wellmoore)

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Earl-Marshal is a chivalry title under the Monarch of Wellmoore. It's one of the Great Officers of State roles in Wellmoore ranking beneath Lord High Constable but above Lord High Admiral.

None Appointed
College of Arms
StyleThe Right Honourable (formal)
TypeGreat Officer of State
Member ofCollege of Arms
AppointerMonarch of Wellmoore
on advice of the Prime Minister
Term lengthAt His Majesty's Pleasure
Formation15th of May 2021


The office of Earl-Marshall was established on 15 May 2021 as the first Great Officer of State after the initial foundation of the College of Arms.


The Earl-Marshal is currently the overseer of the College of Arms and an Officer of Arms. The Earl-Marshal may also be involved in arranging ceremonial state occasions such as the monarch's corronation.

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