Dutch Territories of the Lundian Counties

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Dutch Territories of the Lundian counties
Flag of the dutch terriorys.png

For the crown of Lundy
National anthem of Belgium
Lundian claims in Red
Capital city kleine veld
Largest city kleine veld
Official language(s) Dutch English,
Official religion(s) None
Demonym Kleine veldian
Government Dependent territory
- Governor Levi Newman
- Co Administrator Marta Silvia
Legislature Non established parliament
- Type - Unicameral
Established 10 May 2012
Area claimed UNKNOWN Estimated 12km
Population None (As far as the eye can see) It seems like uninhabited land
Currency Lundian puffin
Time zone (UTC))
National animal Dragon
Owners of the land still retain the right to do as they please upon the land,and the right to remain Belgian citizens.Now the The Cake Free State

10 May 2012- October 19, 2012

A out lying territory claimed by the crown of lundy island, not administrated. othen called Kleine veld which is dutch for small field. the territory lies deep within the Netherlands, and is land locked by the Netherlands.

Goals for the future

the claims were made by the crown prince to improve diplomatic relations with other dutch micro nations,so the first goal of the territory is to get co administration/share with a dutch micro nation. for example, although Flandersis is a antarctic micro nation, it would be possible to share the territory. any other dutch nations will be excepted as candidate for co administration of the territory.


  • Flandersis (unaware)

Please add any dutch micronations and tell them of the goal