Durkadurkagradstanian Armfaust

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The Durkadurkagradstanian Armfaust is the armoured military unit of Durkadurkagradstania, harnessed by the Durkadurkagradstanian military. It is headed by Durkadurkagradstania's Vice Presenkragen, Mike Cleveland. It has not yet aquired any armoured vehicles but specific models are in production, such as the GECKO and Stegasaurus.


The word "Armfaust" is a Mikolian term, translating into English as "Armoured Fist". "Faust" happens to be a word of German origin.


Emblem of the Durkadurkagradstanian Armfaust

The Durkadurkagradstanian Armfaust's emblem contains the colours of the country's flag. Underneath the emblem is written "Vice Presenkragen Armfaust". The emblem was created in 2007 by the Vice Presenkragen himself.