Dudeist Diarchy

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Dudeist Diarchy
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Follow your Dreams Dude
Capital cityEquus
Largest cityDudesha
Official language(s)Dudeism, English
Official religion(s)Dudeism
GovernmentUnitary Absolute Dudeist Diarchy
- The DudeEdward Dude
- The ManMatthew Croulet
LegislatureDudeist Council
EstablishedOctober 23, 2014

The Dudeist Monarchy is a Unitary Absolute Dudeist Diarchy Founded on October 23, 2014. The Diarchy was conceived by Matthew Croulet in order to promote the religion of Duseism and to rule his people with The Dude(a high authority in the Dudeist Religion) to provide a stable government for the Dudeist people and to help his religion grow. Ariel Yaari helped in the process of creating the nation as a favor for his friend as the Dudeist Diarchy and the Republic of Promesa are allied nations as the Friendship between the leaders Croulet and Yaari.


Dudeism is the belief system of the nation and as it is absolute in the nation with everyone being a dude it forms part of the name. Diarchy comes from the English prefix di meaning two, the Greek Arkhia meaning "to rule" and the English, Monarchy which is the government rules by a royal figure.


New Religions tend to spread fast. Matthew Croulet, an already high authority in Dudeism decided that promotions were not enough to expand his religion and decided to call up a friend Ariel Yaari for advice. Yaari being already part of the micronatonal community and having very vague knowledge about the Religion suggested he should start a nation. Croulet took a liking to this Idea. He decided to make a nation along with his fellow Dudeist and religious figure, The Dude. He decided the Dudeist Council, the people who already made Dudeism's rules should be the legislation. Ariel Yaari took a big chunk of creating the nation as giving Croulet advice for running the nation.


The heads of the government (de facto), Kings of the Dudeist Diarchy are the Man, Croulet and the Dude, appropriately called Edward Dude. The legislation of the nation the Dudeist Council, makes all the laws for the Dudeist Religion and the nation. No new laws have been proposed or passed since the nation's inception. Yaari coined the phrase fot his nation, The Independence stage, in which a nation declares independence but needs a few months to set up the Government after Inception.