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Franciszek Józef
Prime Minster Kingdom of Majerówka
Old prime minister in Kingdom of Majerówka
Reign1 November 2023 – 1 November 2023
Born16 October 2008 (2008-10-16) (age 15)
Zakopane, Poland
FatherJózef Majer
MotherMałgorzata Majer

Franiszek Józef (15 October 2008) in Zakopane, as of 1 November 2023 Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Majerówka.(01.11.2023-01.11.2023)


He was elected Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Majerowka by Król Jan Majer Palikowski Wielki, 1 November 2023. Francis Joseph was Prime Minister for a few hours, the former Prime Minister announced that this candidacy quote , "I have decided to resign my own from the position of Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Mayerland it is too much responsibility. I want to be neutral towards other countries'. This was the shortest reign of a Prime Minister in the Kingdom of Mayerland..

Childhood and youth.

Franiszek Józef, born on 16.10.2008 in Zakopane, spent his first years of childhood in his mother's home town, but after a few years moved to the village where he currently lives. He graduated from an 8th grade primary school and is currently enrolled in a technical secondary school in Mszana Dolna.