Draft:2024 Kamurikistan Coup D'état

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2024 Kamurikistan coup d'état
LocationDiscord (Kamurikistan server)
DateMarch 31 2024
TargetGeneral Zeto
Perpetrators Dunjakistan (Northern Battalion)
No. of participants
  • Overthrow the Kamurikistan Government and take Kamurikistan (Succeeded)
  • Destroy Kamurikistan
  • Expand Dunjakistans area

The Coup

On March 31st 2024 at 7:50pm, Abubakar I infiltrated into the Kamurikstan discord server and obtained Administrator permissions from Zeto, Abubakar then set up a nuke bot in the server and began the Nuking, at 7:55pm Abubakar began nuking the server, Immediately the nuke bot began mass-creating channels and slowing down Zetos device, Causing Zeto to surrender, the nuke created 10,000 pings.

Screenshot taken by a bystander of the coup.,

The coup then spilled into the Dunjakistan's discord server causing a argument between General Zeto and General Sardine, The argument then ended with Zeto surrendering under the Dunjak's flag.