Dorzhabadic Liberal Democrat Party

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Dorzhabadic Liberal Democrat Party

DLDP logo.png Flag of The Preisser Treaty 2.png
Logo National Flag

Founder Prime Minister Daniel Morris


H.E Daniel Morris

Official Language(s) English
Official Colour(s) Red, Gold

Micronation Flag of The Preisser Treaty 2.png Parliamentary Republic of Dorzhabad

Established October 2, 2010

Members 14


Dorzhabadic Nationalism, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Anti-Terrorism, Libertarianism, Freedom of ideology, Capitalism, Freedom of Press, Full Citizenship, Pro Antarctic constituency

The Dorzhabadic Liberal Democrat Party is a centre-left and liberal political party in Dorzhabad. It is currently the ruling party in that country, with its Chairman, Daniel Morris, serving as the Dorzhabadic Prime Minister.


The Second Party Founded on the 2nd of October, 2010 by Prime Minister Morris, it is the only 'Center left to left' party in the Republic

This is the Current Ruling Party in the Parliamentary Republic of Dorzhabad, with PM Daniel Morris as the Parties Chairman and most active current member. The DLDP was founded on the principles of Dorzhabadic Nationalism, however still keeping the liberal equality ideas in place, because Dorzhabad has no unique history or culture to speak of, the Party aims to create anew cultural core for people of any creed, sex and race, one witch ends the constant bickering of cultural superiority and political correctness.


The DLDP has won every election since Dorzhabad's founding in 2009, PM Morris is currently in his 3rd term at the reigns of the government, with a near defeat by the Preisser National Party as the Parliament was formed.