Dorzhabad Government Referendum

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The Dorzhabad Government Referendum was a initiative within the Micronational and International Committee for Peace and Democracy. It was proposed by Premier Daniel Morris of the Dictatorship of Dorzhabad in May 2010 and was picked up by MICPD President and the King of Starland His Royal Majesty King Nik I. After prolonged action, on August 3, 2010, HRM King Nik I began sending out emails to the member nations to choose their option. Including Starland, there are nine members of the MICPD and the option with a majority of support will be the new Dorzhabadic Government. On August 13, 2010, the polls closed and Dorzhabad became a democratic federal republic.

The choices were:

The Dictatorial Initiative - Premier Morris will remain the Dictator of Dorzhabad with a Benevolent Dictatorship still intact and all policies will remain the same.

The Federal Front - Premier Morris will resign as the Dictator of Dorzhabad unless up to 50% of the Federal Candidates choose that they do not want him gone. Political parties will be formed and the electoral process will occur every 6 months.

The Antarctic Independence Party - The 3 Main Regions of Dorzhabad will be granted independence, if the region does not have more than 3 citizens to run it, it will collapse. The Premier will declare his support for the region he desires and that Region will most likely stay intact (the hope is he chooses the Antarctic Territory)

Results of Dorzhabadic Government Referendum

Dictatorial Initiative - 2

Federal Front - 3 WON

Antarctic Independence Party - 0