Domain of Throst

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Domain of Throst
Domain of Throst.jpg

Destroy all in your way to greatness
Hooves on the battlefield

Laveen, United States
Capital citySwinglaken
Largest citySwinglaken
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Christianity
Short nameThrost
GovernmentMilitary junta
- KhanNathaniel Ruelas
LegislatureHouse of the Khan
Area claimedDisputed
Population8+ (as of 2015)
Time zone(UTC)
National animalHorse
This nation is a member of the Nothing

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The Domain of Throst is a micronation founded on ((April 6th, 2015)).


The Throst started out as A group of people who like to swing on the swing set, but Nathaniel had ambition. Nathaniel Ruelas,the Khan, wanted change in government. He got his inspiration in Genghis Khan, Nathaniel admires him and remains his idol to this day. He believed that the world should united under one flag, and that way by conquest or diplomacy. As Nathaniel was looking for a way to success Genghis Khan, his ambition grew stronger. Then one day he heard on a youtube video about the Principality of Sealand. He then look on the subject on micronations. Nathaniel then showed his new information he learned to his friends. In a few weeks they had made a constitution and are still working on this country's development.

Government and politics

The government in Throst is a military junta. It is ruled by the all superior Khan. But in the constitution of the Throst it claims that the Great Generals have equal or lesser power than the Khan. His Great Generals are his advisers that carry out the Khan's bidding.

Law and order

In the constitution that the Throst had wrote says, "Any crime committed against the State or Khan are to be put to death." (isn't taken seriously) military police enforce the law.

Foreign relations

The Throst is currently neutral to all micronations at the moment, but at war with the barbarian tribes of the Sonoran Desert


Throst's military is their forte, all citizens are required to enlist in their army. They train in horseback riding and firearm use.(as in paintball and airsoft)Throst is a aggressive micronation.

Geography and climate

US Map Laveen.gif

Located in Laveen, Arizona. Laveen is hot and dry most of the year, the winters are mild to cold temperature. The town is located on the base of a mountain,South Mountain,with hills scattered in and around the town.


At this moment the Throst are working on ways to develop their economy. Most likely they are to look into performing in a classical band for 3 of them know how to play instruments. Though the Throtic citizens are looking in ways to produce trade able goods to trade with other micronations.


War and education is the main concerns of the Throstics. They often play paintball and airsoft for sport, and all citizens are required to go too school. Swinging is a major role in their culture, for them using a swing set is to be at peace, even the Khan has a swing for his throne.


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