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"Dear Leader saves our lives."
Capital cityMozunae
Largest cityMozunae
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Secular
- Dear LeaderKazun Minatakae
LegislatureHouse of Assembly
EstablishedApril 1st, 1923
National sportRhama
National animalSinduun

Doitsunland is a micronation landlocked by the USA. It is virtual.



Doitsunland started out as a small, country landlocked by the USA.

Kim cho tun Rise to Power

in 1924, Kim cho tun and his blue-shirts began rallies outside the Kimchojo Pallace, and by 1926, Kaisun Simtatae (The current President of Doitsunland at that time) was murdered mysteriously. Kim cho tun rose to power by 1932. Kim cho tun's speech for the "Military First" Policy was a famous Doitsunland speech. Kim cho tun had men build statues in his honor, and by 1989, he was dead from a heart attack. His son, Kim cho mi, tookover.

Kim cho mi years

Kim cho mi had men build several statues in his honor, and in 1992, invented his own religion. Bumakai. Everyone in Doitsunland was forced to switch their religion to Bumaki. Bumaki still lives on, and is the main religion in Doitsunland. Kim cho mi died in 2008 of a stroke.


Kim cho mi's only son, Ak ho mi, tookover in 2009, and is still the Dear Leader of Doitsunland. In 2010, he had men build the largest statue in the world. It, being of him.


The name "Doitsunland" is estimated to be German.


Daiwanese Culture is very unique, and there are many statues built to honor the Culture.


There are no jobs in Doitsunland, everyone will get drafted to the Military by the age of 10.


Doitsunland's Military is large, with over 24,346,100 soldiers. Soldiers reiceve many badges and medals, the first badge they receive is the "Zodun Badge" and the last and most important they receive is the "Doitsu Medal" however the only person to ever obtain this Medal, is Dear Leader Ak ho mi. Despite having no military experience.


Doitsunland has it's own Government, "Zwsmuu" wich means "Leader First." Doitsunland does have a Communism reference on it's flag, because Doitsunland claims to be "partly" Communist.

Legal System

"Bamboo Torture" is common in Doitsunland. Death Penalty is illegal, and prisoners are taken to "Torture Chambers." Military soldiers who go A-Wall will be sent to "Hell-Rooms."

Foreign relations

Doistunland has no foreign relations.