Viceroy of Ostreum

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Viceroy of Ostreum
Royal coat of arms of Ostreum.svg
Royal Arms of Ostreum
The Lord Parker, 2018 pattern aerial photo.jpg
the Viscount Parker

since 14 April 2018
StyleThe Right Honourable (formal)
His Excellency (diplomatic)
Term lengthAt His Majesty's Pleasure
Inaugural holderthe Viscount Parker

The Viceroy of Ostreum (informally abbreviated to PM) is the vice-regal representative of Ostreum. The Viceroy oversees the governing of the vasal states and himself governs Baustralian Ostreum. The current holder of the office, the Viscount Parker was appointed by the King on 14 April 2018.



Formed in July of 2017 as the Dictator of Tentacion, it was the style given to the dictator after the Battle of Cold Creek during the Baustralian Conquest, and before the imperialization of Tentacion. The style lasted until April, where the King of Tentacion, John I, decided to abolished the devolved dictatorship in favour of a colonial government run by a viceroy. This was given to the Dictator who was re-styled the His Excellency Felkin Alaric Parker, the 1st Viscount Parker, Viceroy of Ostreum.

List of Prime Ministers of Baustralia

Portrait Name Type Tenure Armorial
Took office Left office
1 The Lord Parker, 2018 pattern aerial photo.jpg The Viscount Parker Viceroy 14 April 2018 Arms of the Viscount Parker.svg