Deshaki II of Copan

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Deshaki Echinatu II

Deshakii Wódanwaeker-fjord
King of Copan
In office
Mid January 2017
Predecessor Útred of Copan
Successor Jordan MeDeshakii of Copan
Arch-Minister of Ccentyyrholm
In office
Late January 2017
Grand-General of the Copanic military
in office
January 2017
Born United Kingdom
Died June 2018
Citizenship Copanic
Nationality British
Ethnicity Briton
Residence The Grand Parliament of Ccentyyrholm
Alma mater Various
Occupation Farmer, Brewer, and Politician
Profession Politician
Religion Copanic Pagan
Political Compass Libertarian Right
Military service
Rank Grand General
Unit Tacticus division

Deshaki Echinatu II of Copan is the fifth king of Copan, he is the successor of ex-King Útred. Útred is also the person he drew the most inspiration from as a leader. He is much more adept in diplomatic affairs when compared to his predecessors and has been able to talk Magaszevaw out of war, this is especially extraordinary considering Copan and Magaszevaw/Fabon's history.

In his first few months he had done a lot for Copan including: Creating effective military plans, setting in place a proper governing system, (for more info see here Groviisolraetarrism), Deshaki II has even helped to create the first projectile weapons of Copan, the Aerstartan.

He is the Arch-Minister of the Segrovii of Upper-Copan, and his political leanings are centrist libertarian.