Democratic Republic of Orentica

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Democratic Republic of Orentica
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Dignitatem, Veritate, Libertate (Latin: Dignity, Truth, Freedom)
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Spokane, WA
Capital city de jure House of Orentica,
Largest city House of Orentica
Official language(s) none, de facto English
Official religion(s) freedom of religion
Short name Republic of Orentica, Orentica
Demonym Orentican
Government Republic
- Prime Minister none
- President Max J. Kasbar
Legislature National Assembly
Established 2013
Area claimed TBA
Population 1
Currency Orentican talent
Time zone Pacific Time Zone (PTZ)
National sport TBA
National animal TBA
Patron saint St. Francis of Assisi (unofficial)

Government website

The Democratic Republic of Orentica (also known as the Republic of Orentica or simply Orentica) is a micronation founded on March 6, 2013.


The Democratic of Orentica was founded on March 6, 2013 with land claimed by the following couple of days. It later declared economic independence from the U.S. on March 13 with the creation of the Orentican talent.

Government and politics

The government of Orentica is a democratic presidential republic. Currently, there are no political parties in Orentica, making all politicians Independent.

Law and order

The United States currently handles law and order in Orentica.

Foreign relations

The Republic of Orentica is currently seeking foreign relations with different micronations. So far, the only micronation that Orentica has any kind of foreign relations with is mutual recognition with the Holy Kingdom of Deseret


The United States is currently in charge of national security in Orentica


Orentica, like its neighboring areas, is full of semi-arid scrubland (with the exception of marshland) and it has hot summers and mild snowy winters.