Democratic People's Republic of Wendia

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Democratic People's Republic of Wendia
Æ Demokratisk Folk'Ræpublik Wendia
Motto: "Keep to yourself"
Anthem: Fresh winds blow over the Limfjord waters
Location of DPR Wendia relative to Denmark at its southern border.
Location of DPR Wendia relative to Denmark at its southern border.
StatusUnrecognized state
Largest cityNørreaalborg
Official languagesEnglish, Russian, Wendian
None, State Atheism
GovernmentUnitary One-Party Socialist Republic
• State Council Chairman
Thorbjørn Pedersen
• State Council Vice Chairman
Karsten Severin
LegislatureWendian State Council
Independence from Denmark
• Wendian Independence declared
• DPRW declared
1 April 2020
• Estimate
CurrencyDanish Kroner, Wendian Skipper
Time zoneGMT+1
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+45
Internet TLD.we (proposed)

The Democratic People's Republic of Wendia (IPA: [ ʊɛn:dia ]) (DPRW) (Wendian: Æ Demokratisk Folk'ræpublik Wendia), commonly known plainly as Wendia is a micronational state that declared its independence from Denmark on April 1st, 2020 as a socialist one-party democratic republic. The DPRW claims the entirety of Vendsyssel region just north of the Limfjord as independent.


The name "Wendia" (IPA: [ ʊɛn:dia ]) comes from the original name that was once given to the region in ancient times. The suffix "syssel" attributed to the region today under Danish occupation is an administrative subdivision. "Wendia" is also at times spelled just with a single V.


In 1976, the then-mayor of Hjørring P.S. Poulsen introduced the first flag of independent Wendia, which was designed by Mogens Bohøj. However, the introduction of the first flag of independent Wendia only served as a visual identity to a tongue-in-cheek self-proclaimed independence without legal merit. The quest for independence lived on in the hearts of locals, and in April 2020 the DPRW was proclaimed by official decree in line with the people's aspirations. The Covid-19 pandemic exacerbated the road to independence, as Wendians felt ill-treated and underprioritized by the central government in Copenhagen. Since independence, the government of DPR Wendia is still undergoing a transitional phase.