Democratic People's Republic of Sectoristan

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Democratic People's Republic of Sectoristan
Republica Democratică Populară Sectoristan

Flag of Sectoristan.png
Flag (without coat of arms)
To be determined

State Anthem of the People's Democratic Republic of Sectoristan
Bucharest, Romania
Onesti, Bacau county, Romania
Capital citySarfajaria
Official language(s)Romanian
Official religion(s)Eastern Orthodoxy
Short nameSectoristan
GovernmentUnitary semi-parliamentary tripartite socialist republic
- PresidentMihnea Coman
- Prime MinisterDan Coman (SCP)
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 25
Established14 December 2020
Area claimedest. 100 m2
Population40 Sectoristanians
CurrencySectoristanian Dallar
Time zoneGMT+2.
GMT+3 (summer time)
National dishPolenta
National animalLion

Official Discord

The Democratic People's Republic of Sectoristan Romanian: (Republica Democratică Populară Sectoristan) is a Romanian micronation founded on 20 October 2020 by incumbent President Mihnea Coman. It claims two landlocked regions surrounded entirely by Romania. An important aspect of Romania is that it recognises toys as citizens alongside humans.