Democratic Constitutional People's Monarchy of Aacronia

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Democratic Constitutional Peoples Monarchy of Aacronia
Aacronia flag.svgCoat of ams full aacronia.png

Hoc exemplum adservans titulum (Latin: This motto is an example)
National anthem of Example
Lamar, Colorado, United States
Official language(s)English
Short nameAacronia
GovernmentDemocratic Constitutional Peoples Monarchy
- Prime MinisterKing Chase
- KingKing Chase
Area claimed< .5km² (In process of conquest)
Population2 (as of January 2016 census)
National sportChess
National animalParrot
This nation is applying to be member of several organizations.

Government website

The Democratic Constitutional Peoples Monarchy of Aacronia is a micronation founded on 1 December 2015.


Aacronia declared independence from the United States, citing a need for Cultural Change and Political Independence, on 1 December 2015.

Government and politics

Aacronia's parliament has 3 houses, the Senate, General Assembly, and Courts.


The Senate is responsible for enforcing laws. This includes creating military actions and organizations. The Senate also passes laws proposed by the General Assembly. A King can be overthrown but only with 100% votes in the Senate.

General Assembly

The sole purpose of the General Assembly is to create and pass laws. A law must get at least 67% majority in order to move to the Senate, where it must receive a majority vote.


The Courts Assembly is a series of elected Justices who solve disputes and the semi-common law suits.

Law and order

Aacronia has a small police force and works on the policy that citizens will "be good, or be gone".

Foreign relations

Aacronia is applying for membership to various Micronation groups.


Currently Aacronia has no military, army, navy, or weapons systems. They rely completely on other micronations for support.

Geography and climate

Aacronia Main (Aacronia Mainland) has mild to cold winters and HOT summers sometimes reaching excess of 110 degress fahrenheit. The whole year is dry.


Currently the official currency is the United States Dollar, but Aacronia is working on a secondary currency. Exports include 3D Printing services and micronational support.

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