Democratic-Socialists of the Democratic Republic of Tūrnia

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Democratic-Socialists of the Democratic Republic of Tūrnia
LeaderRyan Shane
FoundedSeptember 2018
Official colorsRed, blue
Seats in the Senate
0 / 3

The Democratic-Socialists believe in democratic socialism, which is the idea of achieving socialist ideals within a democratic society. They are a political party in the Democratic Republic of Tūrnia.


The offical platform of the Democratic-Socialists is based on the principles of socialism, while maintaining the integrity of the democracy. Their official statement on their platform is:

The Democratic-Socialists believe in a form of socialism where the free market and democratic systems can still function. We believe in

  • Free healthcare and free education, as protected by the Constitution
  • Fair elections for everyone
  • Higher taxes on the rich than the poor
  • Peace with all other nations
  • Easy immigration to grow our nation
  • Trade with other nations
  • Preventing wealth inequality
  • Establishing fair and just laws to keep our nation safe


The Democratic-Socialists were founded by Ryan Shane, who also founded the Democratic Republic of Tūrnia and wrote the Constitution. Currently, no Democratic-Socialist holds an elected office in Tūrnia, however Shane is running for Senator of the 1st Senatorial District.