De Heen and Mildeburg

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De Heen and Mildenburg is an proposed micronation in Brabant, The Netherlands and Zuid-Holland, Netherlands.

De Heen en Mildeburg Dutch
The Heen and Mildenburg English
Heensche Flag
Motto One way , one area!
Anthem None
Location in Northern Brabant
Location in Europe
Capital De Heen
Largest City Nieuw-Vossemeer
Official Languages Dutch, Hæsh-Mildeborgs Language and English
Recognized Languages German ,French
Demonym Heensche , Heennaar
Government Info missing
Founder Info missing
President Info missing
Legislature Info missing
Eshtabalish 1614
Area 45 km² +/-
Population 4365
Population density 97
GDP €107.648.300
GDP P.P. €24.662
HDI 0.872
Currency Euro, Common Doekoe
Currency Value pegged 1/1000 of an US Dollar
Time Zone CET (UTC+1)
Summer CEST (UTC+2)
Drives on the Right
Calling Code none
Code DEH
Internet TLD .go (proposed)


De Heen originated from the 1716 called: Het Heensche Dorp. Its named after the polder area. This polder is named after the water that surrounds the area that called: Heen or Heendrecht. The name later used is Eendracht or The Unity.

Geography and Nature

The goround of the landscape of the surroundings and De Heen are Marine clay. Thanks to reclamation of land the polder was made. Various inland dikes are made of protection. The original marshland is just a few kilometres away and its called: De slikken van de heen. Where many rare birds and fish lifes within this area. The Steenbergse Vliet is a river that goes across this area. Also the local movie: HOLLAND natuur in Delta is made here , due the many nature reserves. Unlike De Heen, Mildeburg is mainly builded. There is one park south "Natuurpark Onderste Eiland" which is just a small park with an island in the lake.

Photo Village Citizens GDP Per Capita HDI
alt text
De Heen 540 €26.300 0.896
Info missing De Heensche Molen 110 €26.000 0.890
alt text
Stoofdijk-Notendaal 120 €25.440 0.883
Info missing Mildenburg 570 North:€24.100 South:€24.000 North:0.840 South:0.828
alt text
Nieuw-Vossemeer 2400 €25.500 0.887
Info missing Wieldrecht 225 €25.000 0.860
Info missing Midden-Crabbehof 400 €17.500 0.798


In 1609 the polder was introduced and made and in 1610 it was already to be used as farming. In 1614 the village has been made. In 1785 the harbor in the village is in use. In 2013 De Heen, Stoofdijk-Notendaal and De Heensche Molen unites as one nation.In 2017 Mildenburg and Nieuw-Vossemeer joins the nation.


The economy in De Heen and Mildenburg is mainly based on farming. Around 40% is indeed about farming. Many citizens also work outside De Heen and Mildenburg for work in: Roosendaal , Steenbergen , Breda and Dordrecht. Thereafter tourism is fairly a good income. There are also alot of restaurants and cafés. Tourist mainly goes to the Benedensas locks to see the locks and go to the café there for a drink. Thereafter there are multiple campings in De Heen and Nieuw-Vossemeer and a golf course in De Heensche Molen , the third largest village of De Heen and Mildeburg. Also there is a shopping centre and 2 castles in Midden-Crabbehof.

Farming is an main rescource in De Heen


The Marina

Transport in De Heen and Mildenburg is quite good. It has 2 highways the N1 and N2 with both speeds up to 80 km/h. Outside that roads are slower, the major seculair roads in De Heen part are 60 km/h. Other roads are mostly streets where children plays with speeds up to 30 km/h. The biggest road in Mildenburg has a speed up to 50 km/h. Also there are small yachts for people with there boats. Fliplandse Brug and De Brug van Vossemeer are the biggest bridges in the country. Also several busstops are there.

N1, the fastest road in De Heen and Mildenburg

Places to visit

  • Fort Henricus an medieval fort from 1626 , made for the 80-war against Spain.
  • Historical locks of Benedensas.
  • Marina inside of the village of De Heen.
  • De Maria Hemelvaartskerk in De Heen.
  • Windmill De Vos is an old windmill originated in 1714.
  • Many cafés and shops inside Nieuw-Vossemeer

Places to stay

  • Camping Mattenburg, in Nieuw-Vossemeer
  • Another camping in De Heen.

International Relationships

De Heen and Mildeburg didn't have a lot of diplomatic relationships but its head of the Union of Close Micronations together with Brilliania, Hoogblokland and Hordijk.

Specific Area's They Recognize

Specific Area's They Don't Recognize

This mean De Heen & Mildeburg do recognize the people but don't recognize the country itself under the current regime. This is due to civil war, falling regime or inhumane poverty.


Media in De Heen and Mildeburg is quite good. RTHM have 3 TV Broadcasters RTHM 1, RTHM 2, RTHM 24+ and 2 Radio Stations: Radio De Heen and Radio 12. RTHM 1 is the news and event channel. RTHM 2 is the family channel and RTHM 24+ is mostly a mixture of children TV, music videos and documantairies. Radio De Heen is the main radio channel with news and modern music. Radio 12 is a commercial radio broadcaster with mostly rap and hip-hop music.

"ðæ vortrauwn" or "De Heen & Mildeburgse Courant" in Dutch is the only newspaper in De Heen and Mildeburg. It combines news in Hæsh-Mildeborgs and Dutch.

Also RTHM 1 broadcast Eredevisie and Eurovision Song Contest since 2012. It will enter Microvision in 2018.


  1. Recognize only UMCIE Micronations within Syria.
  2. Recognize only UMCIE Micronations within Iraq.
  3. Recognize only UMCIE Micronations within Libya.