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Danball is a game invented by the king of Danland in 2008. The game is similar to Football (both soccer and American Football), but is played with a volleyball (originally a tennis ball) and the goal saved by a baseball bat.


The game starts when the batkeeper (the goalkeeper in danball) hits the ball to Player Nº 1, which passes, with his foot, to Player Nº2, who passes it to Player Nº3 and then to Player Nº4, which Player Nº4 picks the ball, runs with the ball, chases against the defenders and scores a goal by hitting any of the two goal walls.

The game is played with 5 players in each team. Each team has 4 players and 1 batkeeper.

Headers (as in soccer (association football)) are not allowed, also when Player Nº4 runs with the ball, when in the goal area, a defender cannot take the ball off a player from another team, who is about to score, or if not, it is a penalty.


In 2008, dancar, before founding his own micronation, had invented a game called Danball. The early rules of the game were far different from the modern version.

In 2012, the first Danball match was played at a secondary (high) school: Dencia v Rayo Vallecano which they drew 0-0 on 28 March 2012.

After the first match and the game’s success at a secondary school, dancar (now being King Daniel I) wanted to introduce the game to the micronational world, introducing a Danball organisation called the FIDA (Fédération Internationale de Danball Association) which will be the flagship Danball organisation and the controller of Danball, being based in Dianberg, Danland.