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Flag of Cyrenia
Coat of arms
Motto: "Δόξα στη Σιρίνη" (Cyrenian)
"Glory to Cyrenia"
and largest city
Official languagesGreek, Albanian, Cyrenian, Welsh
Recognised regional languagesTurkish, Italian, Maltese, Arabic
Orthodox Cyrenian
GovernmentDemocratic Republic
King Llews Cyrene of Cyrenia
from Albania
• Declaration of Independence
CurrencyCyrenian Andores, Euros
Time zoneUTC+2 (GMT+2)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Calling code+355 (de facto)
  1. This micronation is a full member in the AOTM

The nation of Cyrenia was founded on August the 8th of 2022 by King Llews as a free republic basing itself and its trade on a small rocky peninsula in western Albania. The town that is founded here is called Albencano and is home to the government and affairs of the nation.

Cyrenia was formed because of the ancestry of the King : Swedish ( Varangian ) , Norwegian and Icelandic, Celtic, Slavic, and Germanic.

The King

The King's full royal name is King Llews of house Cyrene. The house was farmed since the king has no formal last name given at birth, only a common surname of Celtic origin.

A Daring Escape

Llews had a hard and abusive childhood, by thirteen he was planning to run away by the great Mississippi river and sail south to New Orleans, LA. At the age of 16 he ran away. Growing up on the river Llews had skills in rafting and survival and could easily catch fish and small animals to eat. The biggest problems were going upstream and being caught. The Dense forests and Bayou areas along the river gave Llews and advantage in hiding, local authorities set out to find him, they found his small raft and campfire but never found him. He took off his boots and made tracks in the opposite direction of where he went to confused the search party and walked on pine straw the other way as not to leave any prints. He walked and rafted over 360 miles from Jackson, Mississippi to New Orleans to earn his freedom.


The main export of Cyrenia is herbs , wines and fine woods used for boat building, Albencano is one of the biggest boat building centers in the nation with one main family making the boats. about 3,000 grapes are estimated to be harvested each year, a small amount yet enough to sustain Cyrenia and help it flourish.

Fish make up a large part of the economy as well, as much as 500 pounds of fish are caught each year.


The weather in Cyrenia is often hot and humid during the summer and in the highlands of Cyrenia low temeratures can occur at night and during the day.

Allies Non-aggression Mutual Recognition Unilateral Recognition Enemies

Macronational Recognition

Recognized Special Status Partial Condemned Illegitimate
 Wales  Ukraine  Kosovo  Russia  Israel
 Bosnia and Herzegovina  Canada  Afghanistan  Palestine
 Bulgaria  North Korea
 Czech Republic