Currvanian Empire

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The Currvanian Empire

Imperium Currvaniæ (Latin)
Kaiserreich Currvanien (German)
Imperio Currvania (Spanish)

컬바니아 제국 (Korean)

Currvanian Empire Flag.jpg Flag of The Currvanian EmpireImperial Standard.png Imperial Standard of the Emperor

Pro Deo Et Pro Patria and Tyrannis Est Semper Prōgressū
(Latin meaning For God And For Country and Tyranny Is Always Progressing)
The Imperial Hymn
Southern US
Capital cityNew Alexandria
Largest cityNew Macedonia
Official language(s)English and Classical Latin
Recognised languagesKorean, German, Spanish
Official religion(s)None Official. Christianity (widely practiced)
Short nameCurrvania
GovernmentUnitary Constitutional Monarchy with an appointed Legislature
- EmperorChristopher I Augustus
- Heir Apparent/ Prince of New MacedoniaNone Invested
- Minister of Foreign Affairs and RelationsNina Andersen
- Chief Justice of the Supreme CourtMaisy Davis
LegislatureHigh Council
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 5
Established11 October 2019
Area claimed2.648 acres
Population33 (As of July 17th 2019)
Time zone(EST/ET)
National sportArchery

Currvania, officially The Currvanian Empire or The Empire of Currvania, (Imperium Currvaniæ (Latin) Kaiserreich Currvanien (German) Imperio Currvania (Spanish) 컬바니아 제국 (Korean)) is a micronation founded by Christopher Curry informally in early 2018 and officially in 2019. It is located in the US States of Florida and Georgia. It has a population of ~30 and a legislature of 5 people. It is a Constitutional Monarchy with Christopher being stylized as Christopher I Augustus as the emperor. The emperor must follow the constitution and any other laws passed by himself, the High Council, and previous emperors. He can pass executive orders and also approve any laws that the council brings forward. A 3/5 vote is required to pass laws, a simple majority, though some laws may be so serious as to require a unanimous vote.

The nation is currently undergoing constitutional changes. A Constitutional Committee is being formed to rewrite and revise the original constitution. Many parts of the Constitution are no longer in use or are not able to be enforced so the government is going to create the Second Constitution of The Empire of Currvania. The constitution is planned to be officially ratified on October 11 2020, the one year anniversary of the ratification of the original constitution.

General Information


The name Currvania and also its predecessor Curryea both come from the Scottish/Irish surname Curry. The Emperor named the nation he founded after himself, Christopher Curry. Originally, the entire surname was incorporated and the nation was called Curryea however, that sounds like Korea and the government did not want to cause confusion so they came up with Currvania. This combined the Curr" from Curry and the suffix Sylvania meaning woodland was shortened to vania for ease of pronunciation


The Currvanian Empire also stylized as "The Empire of Currvania" is a micronation in the southern United States. The idea of "Currvania" or its original name "Curryea" had existed for several years before the provisional government was put into place. The name was changed to Currvania before the Constitution was ratified. A provisional government was put in place Valentines Day of 2019(527 local calendar), though some provisional governments had been formed earlier such as the establishment of the Currvanian-Rogerian empire in October 2018 which established a diarchy to lead the nation. The first official government came to be in early 2018 where the nation was established as "The Imperial Provinces of Currvania",this proto constitution was ratified April 10 2018. The current constitution was passed on October 11, 2019 and it established The Currvanian Empire properly for the first time. The 20 person legislature was rather large for a small nation and it became hard to get even a quorum together to pass laws. So on 19 December 2019 (3 Tredecemus 527 PMN in the local calendar) the Grand Council was dissolved and replaced with the High Council, made up of five members instead of twenty. This was passed as the last act of the Grand Council unanimously and the Supreme Court approved it.


Currvanian Military

Main Article: Military of Currvania

The Currvanian Military is made up of the Imperial Army and the Imperial Navy. The Imperial Navy is made up of a small sailboat and a canoe. As of 2020 (528 PMN) there are no active duty personnel in the Military only the SCOM and the Emperor who heads the Armed Forces Council.


The provisional government had a Coast Guard, Air Force, Space Force, Marine Corps, and Medical Corps added to the military branches but they were ultimately removed in favor of a simplified system since Currvania does not have a large population. Historically, there have been commanders of some of these branches during the pre-constitutional era. It was not prudent to have more branches than we were equipped for especially branches that required craft we had little to no access to. We had no materials to fly anything or launch anything into space militarily. There is a space program, formally the Imperial Administration for Space and Celestial Bodies, which will launch anything into space if we have the opportunity and research such endeavors but it was not wise to have a military branch for something not obtainable as of yet.


The Supreme Commander of The Military, is in charge of the entire military. The Commander General/Admiral of either the Army of the Navy, is in charge of their respective branch. This is a position appointed by the Emperor and High Council. The promotion of lesser ranks falls to the Commander General/Admiral and their subordinates. A chart with the list of all ranks in the military is attached here. The ranks are simplified from other nations due to our small size we do not need as many positions. If our military grows enough we might implement new positions.

Rank Structure of the Currvanian Military.jpg

Politics and Government

Main Article: Government of Currvania

The Emperor

The Office of The Emperor is in charge of the Nation. It is made up of the Emperor and several subordinate departments that report directly to him instead of the ministries of the High Council. All laws passed are signed by him so sometimes they are marked from The Office of The Emperor.

Before the first constitution was ratified, the Currvanian Empire was a diarchy with two emperors. Now it is a monarchy so only Christopher is Emperor now. Laine I was made the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Relations until the High Council was reshuffled.

Name Title Date Took Office Date Left Office
Laine I Coemperor 14 February, 2019 11 October 2019
Christopher I Coemperor/ Emperor Incumbent

Departments Under The Office of The Emperor

Title Name Date Took office Date Left Office
Secretary of The Imperial Treasury Sir Tancred Alexander 16 May 2020 Incumbent
Director of The Imperial Agency for Space and Celestial Objects Olivia Berry 5 June 2020
Director of The Imperial State Intelligence Bureau Haley Williams 6 June 2020
Secretary of Finance
Secretary of Labor Vacant
Secretary of Education
Secretary of State and Provincial Affairs
Secretary of High Council Affairs
Secretary of Environmental Affairs
Director of The Imperial Security Agency
Director of The Bank of Currvania

The Grand Vizier

The Grand Vizier was a position established by the Imperial Declaration of National Emergency II- 2020, During the current emergency, they function as the entire High Council so that the Emperor can more easily pass laws whilst the High Council is widely unreachable. Once the emergency is over, the position will function as a general advisor on all affairs of state and government.

Name Date Took Office Date Left Office
Thien-y Nguyen 5 August 2020 24 August 2020
Sir Tancred Alexander 29 November 2020 Incumbent

The Supreme Court

Name Title Date Took Office Date Left Office
Maisy Davis Chief Justice 19 December 2019 Incumbent
Hannah Graham Justice 11 October 2019
Dame Sydney Griffith† 2 November 2020
Maria Gutierrez 5 February 2021 Incumbent

The High Council

Office Name Date Took Office Date Left Office
Supreme Commander of The Military Maya Holland 11 October 2019 13 March 2020
Olivia Berry (during the incumbents leave of absence) 16 June 2020 28 June 2020
Abby Ribble 13 March 2020 Incumbent
Minister of Defense 11 October 2019 13 March 2020
Alexandria Amunategui 13 March 2020 14 June 2020
Hana Hunter 2nd Duchess of Curryea 15 June 2020 Incumbent
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Relations Laine Smith 11 October 2019 13 March 2020
Nina Andersen, Duchess of Port Galicia 13 March 2020 Incumbent
Minister of Homeland Security 11 October 2019 13 March 2020
Alexa Galli, 1st Duchess of Curryea 13 March 2020 28 June 2020
Olivia Berry 28 June 2020 Incumbent
Minister of Justice Jessi Southern 11 October 2019 13 March 2020
Thien-y Nguyen, Countess of Otterbein 13 March 2020 5 August 2020
Sir Tancred Alexander 29 November 2020 Incumbent

Former Government Officials

Former Grand Council

In December of 2019, the Grand Council was dissolved and replaced with a smaller legislature called the High Council. All positions not represented in the High Council were absorbed into the other ministries or into the Office of the Emperor.

Office Name Date Took Office Date Left Office
Minister of Domestic Affairs Olivia Berry 11 October 2019 19 December 2019
Minister of War Thien-y Nguyen
Attorney General Maisy Davis
Minister of Agriculture Aiden Kelleher
Minister of The Treasury Maria Gutierrez
Grand Council Overseer Hana Hunter
Minister of Customs and Immigration Haley Williams
Minister of Trade Brianna Barrial
Minister of Intelligence Emma Brandenburg
Minister of Finance Anna Hernandez
Minister of Environmental Affairs Alexa Galli
Director of the Space Program Christian Hurston
Minister of States Affairs Sabrina Hernandez
Minister of Education Samantha Steele
Minister of Labor Bernadette Hicks

Foreign Relations

In August of 2020 HIRM signed a treaty of mutual recognition with the Republic of Galte, which was later the Kingdom of Galte, and is now the Principality of Galte, a colony of the Kingdom of Atiera. Treaty discussions are ongoing with Atiera

Land Division

The Currvanian Empire is divided into a Kingdom, and a State which are subdivided into 2 Duchies, a County, and a Principality in addition to the capital. The Duke/Duchess, Count/Countess, and Prince/Princess are appointed by the Emperor or High Council. The divisions of the Currvanian Empire are the following: The Duchy of Curryea and the Principality of New Macedonia make up the Kingdom of New Jamestowne while The Duchy of Port Galicia and the County of Otterbein make up the State of new Thrace. The capital of New Alexandria is separate from these other divisions and is directly administered by the Emperor. The Property Division and Military Act officially laid out these provinces. The Prince/Princess of Macedonia is a title that goes to the Imperial heir when they are invested as such.

Titles Related To The Provinces

Duchess of Port Galicia

  • Paula Curry† (posthumously)
  • Nina Andersen: 28 May 2020- Present

Duchess of Curryea

  • Alexa Galli 28 May 2020- 28 June 2020
  • Hana Hunter 28 June 2020- Present

Countess of Otterbein

  • Paula Curry† (posthumously)
  • Thien-y Nguyen 28 May 2020- 24 August 2020

Prince of New Macedonia

None Invested

Constitution and Law

The Currvanian Empire was officially founded when the constitution officially was ratified on 11 October, 2019. It lays out the basic law of Currvania and anything changing it has to be considered seriously. The text of any laws in the public domain and the Constitution itself will be linked here. This includes executive orders and any other acts passed by the High Council or when it was the Grand Council.

Page that documents all laws of the Currvanian Empire:

Laws of The Currvanian Empire

Calendar of Currvania

The Currvanian Calendar was established by Imperial Executive Order III. The year system is based off of the "discovery" of the americas with 1492 used as year 1 so that 2020 would be 528 PMN which means post mundus novus or after new world any years before 1492 would use ante mundus novus or before new world (AMN). The calendar uses 5 day weeks and has 13 months. Due to the 5 day week, every month will be a multiple of 5. This prevents starting a new month in the middle of a week. 10/13 months have 30 days, 2/13 months made of 25 days, and an additional month made of 15 days. The order of months descends in days so that the beginning of the year starts with 30 day months then goes to 25 day months and ends with a 15 day month. The names of the months are as follows in order: Natalia, Augusta, Tertia, Curryea, Quinquila, Alexandria, Neptunus, Minerva, Iovis, Decemus, Undecemus, Duodecemus, Tredecemus. The names of the days are as follows in order: Solis Dies, Lunae Dies, Iuno Dies, Ceres Dies, Vesta Dies. The calendar is not in widespread use as of yet and it follows very closely to the Gregorian calendar for the first few months.

National Holidays


Holiday Standard Calendar Currvanian Calendar
Emperor's Day 11 March 10 Tertia
Constitution Week The week of 11 October The Week of 14 Decemus

The Imperial Family

The Imperial Family is the family of the Emperor. Some members are included or excluded at the Emperor's discretion. Some members were not alive during the establishment of the empire but are still listed.


These people will be listed in relation to the Emperor

  • Christopher Curry III/ Christopher I Augustus
  • Diane Mascolo and Terry Rosenstengel- Mother and Step-Father
  • Christopher II and Hae-Sun Curry- Father and Step-Mother
  • Paula† and Christopher I Curry- Paternal Grandparents
  • Marilyn† and James II† Mascolo- Maternal Grandparents
  • Tracy Curry and Kyle Roberts- Paternal Aunt and Uncle
  • Michael Mascolo†- Maternal Uncle
  • Lucia Foti- Step-Sister
  • Nicholas Foti- Step-Brother



These are places in which the royal family resides

Alexandria Palace

Located in New Alexandria, it is the main residence of The Emperor, Diane Mascolo, and Terry Rosenstengel. It is the smallest of the imperial residences. The constitution and some other important legal documents are kept here for safekeeping and the Emperor's bedroom doubles as an office. There is a small garden located on the grounds for growing vegetables.

Otterbein Palace

Located in The County of Otterbein. Currently only Christopher Curry I lives there but it was once the residence of the Emperor, his grandmother, father, step-mother, step-siblings, aunts, and his uncle (not at the same time). Also referred to as the Curry household not to be confused with Curry House in Port Galicia. The palace grounds include several gardens and ponds and nearby, still in the County of Otterbein is Fort Curry, currently not in use. The palace is home to the supreme throne, the Rmperors crown, sceptre, and chalice. Some of the Emperor's uniforms are also kept there. The Supreme Throne is a blue antique armchair that held great importance to the family even before the foundation of the Currvanian Empire.This is the largest of the imperial residences by square footage. Several parts of this residence were expanded or constructed by Christopher Curry I, the Emperor's paternal grandfather.

Phoenix Palace

Located in The Principality of New Macedonia, part time residence of the Emperor, current residence of Christopher and Hae-sun Curry and Nicholas and Lucia Foti. It is the most recently updated of the residences and the third most spacious in terms of square footage. It has two large ponds and a small garden.

Curry House

Current residence of Tracy Curry and Kyle Roberts located in Port Galicia. It is the second largest imperial residence and is nearby a canal that connects to the Atlantic Ocean that gives the Duchy the title of "port". Several civilian watercraft are kept here. Parts of this residence were also built by Christopher Curry I


Military Installations

Fort Curry- A stilt house like structure. It consists of one room on 4 large wooden posts that rise ~10ft from the ground. the structure is about 12x12ft and has windows on all 4 sides for observation. The balcony is reached by a switchback staircase. It is named for Admiral Christopher Curry (AKA Christopher I Curry). It was originally jokingly named "Fort Eyesore" due to comments by neighbors. It was built ~40 years ago.

Ribble Army Navy Storage Center- Small storage building located near Fort Curry. It is named for SCOM Abby Ribble and operated by the Imperial Military.

Port Galicia Naval Base- A naval base located in Port Galicia on the Banana River which connects to the Atlantic Ocean. It is also open to civilian watercraft.


The Imperial Family Storage House- A small storage building located near Alexandria Palace used by the Imperial Family.

The Otterbein Gardens- Gardens located in the County of Otterbein. The main crop grown here is pineapples but cherries, oranges, tangerines, blueberries, grapes, mulberries, pomegranites, olives, lemons, grapefruit, and a variety of other flowers and fruit are also grown here.

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