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Calconian culture is very much on 5 principles: survival, truth, nature, agriculture, and love. The local culture stems from Viking, Slav, American, and other groups. People here desire to work hard and also follow similar Western values.


There are three official languages of Calcon: English, French, and Calconian. English is used for communication of foreign relations, trade, and thinking greater ideals.

French is official because the Monarch has picked up on quite a bit of it over many months. Calconian is the local conlang that serves to bring an identity to the Calconian people.

List of languages spoken in Calcon

Language Native Name Status
English English language 1920px-Flag of the United States.svg.png Dominant, used in business, diplomacy, and most actions
Calconian Kalkonqo qahovné Calcont.png Used as a cultural language to create an identity
French La langue française Flag of France.png Minor uses, some diplomacy and culture

Government and Customs

The government of Calcon is a constitutional monarchy. There is the Constitution and then just laws.

Calconian law is directly made from the Monarch, currently King Caleb the 1st. He can write and veto any law according to facts.


  • Dinner starts at 5:05 PM
  • Lunch starts commencing to be made at 10:40 AM, start eating at 11:05 AM
  • Breakfast ranges from 4:30-8:30 AM, usually very light
  • Dinner is the heaviest meal
  • Blue, long sleeved clothing is advised and recommended when dealing with the outdoors, especially closer to your face
  • Individualism is a highly big thing, with the people specialisation being a big thing, since it is an integral part of Calconianism.
  • Ozzentide, or ozzentime, is a seasonal event that has mild weather in the winter, typically between 55 and 65 degrees F for atleast 6 hours per day for about a week per month minimum. The term comes from the Russian word osen, meaning autumn, due to the holiday being made in the fall. Also, dandelions are likely to spawn and as well as the prime range of growing peas. So, if this time is longer, then peas are planted along with winter vegetables.


Due to its many diverse origins and pickups, Calconian culture has gotten up plenty of sayings and words to describe whatever should be.

la montagne du pois = French for "the mountain of the pea", describing the "height" of the pea growing conditions(60-65 degrees F), same for kale, spinach, radishes, and other cool season crops.

près du froid = French for "near the cold" or "near the frost", describing the closeness of frost(32 degrees Fahrenheit), which would be around >32 and <40 Fahrenheit.


There has been a push to find more about the genetics of the population to get a proper cuisine into the country. Polish/Lechtic influence may also come in, but that is only for Greater Calcon. Another notable national dish, and the newest popular one is the Hokhab. It means yellow bread in Calconian, referring to the color when mixing the egg yolk into the mixture. Root beer has been gaining some ground as well, even coconuts too. Root beer is because it has the sassafras, a native herb to the region, specifically to Sappato. The Hokhab dish is very similar to the Korean gyeran-pang, which means egg bread in the local language.

The recipe for Hokhab is as follows:

1). Preheat to 395 F

2). Mix these ingredients:

1 cup flour

1/2 cup sugar

3 eggs

1 cup water

3). Place mixture into desired baking dish and wait for 35 minutes


The Kingdom of Calcon used to be a Christian country, but has recently made its own ethno-religion. In this faith, there are two main deities: Čalsemma and Safrani. Safrani is the risen spirit of an evil African king whom ate half of his people for breakfast. Čalsemma wants to create the balance of different ethnicities, races of people with nature. Birch and maple trees are held sacred as well. During autumn, the trees are believed to be angels telling people to prepare for the "Clearing". This event removes the diseases, weeds, and other pests that occur year round in the tropics. Spring occurs because Čalsemma allowed life to come back. Not everywhere is perfect which explains why there are extremely hot and cold areas.

All Čalsemma wants is for people to find reality of who they are and what is best for all. Safrani despises Čalsemma's plans and counteracts basically every time. Once you die, you become a birch sapling somewhere in the world. This is why birch trees are considered sacred. It is also said that the word Čalsemma may have a cognate in Greek, which is Charites(Charis), a minor goddess of charm, beauty, nature, human creativity, and fertility, which all assume very close to Calconic values. However, Čalsemma is typically masculine and Charites being feminine.

National Symbols

National Animal Bear, Moose
National Drink Coffee
National Dish Hokhab
National Tree Pine
National Flower Dandelion


Calconian Flag


The national tree, the White Pine(pinus strobus)