Crimos Rebels

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The Islamic Country Of Crimos
Islvaski Crimoski
Flag of The Crimos
2021 Flag
Motto: "For Allah And Karl
Anthem: "Sir Karl"
Official languagesGerman, Slovakian
Recognised national languagesSlovakian
• 1st President
Karl Frank
• 2st President
Charle Frank
Today part ofNew California Reich

Crimos was a notable rebel movement that operated within the New Californian Reich (NCR), advocating for its distinct ideology and engaging in activities that challenged the established order.

History and Leadership

The Crimos emerged as a rebel movement in 2012 under the leadership of Karl Frank. It continued its operations under the leadership of Charle Frank from 2022 to 2023. During its existence, the Crimos played a significant role in shaping the dynamics of the NCR's internal affairs.


The Crimos was guided by a unique and controversial ideology known as Fascist-Islamist. This blend of ideology combined elements of fascism and Islamic principles, setting it apart from other political entities and sparking debates within the NCR.

Activities and Impact

Throughout its existence, the Crimos engaged in activities aimed at challenging the authority of the NCR's government. Its operations, both covert and overt, led to interactions with the government, other rebel groups, and the wider population. The Crimos' activities contributed to the ongoing discussions about ideology, extremism, and dissent within the nation.

Crimos Independence War

The Crimos played a pivotal role in the Crimos Independence War that occurred in 2023. This conflict was marked by battles, negotiations, and ultimately the assertion of the rebel movement's demand for independence. The war's outcome led to significant changes in the political landscape of the NCR.

Disbandment and Legacy

Following the conclusion of the Crimos Independence War, the rebel movement disbanded in 2023. Its legacy continues to influence discussions about rebellion, ideological clashes, and the balance between dissent and governance within the NCR.