Council of Ministers of Livonia

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The Council of Minister is the cabinet of Livonia. It is comprised of the ministers of the different government ministries and the Premier.


The initial list of candidates for the Council of Ministers compiled by the Politburo of the Communist Party of Livonia. The list of candidates is thn presented to the Presidium. The Presidium then officially announces the appointment of the individuals on the list. The appointment list is then submitted to the Supreme Soviet for final approval.

Powers and Responsibilities

The Council of Ministers oversees the daily activity of the government of Livonia through various government ministries. Each ministry is tasked with oversight of specific areas of governmental policy.

Each ministry is given the power to issue rules and regulations pertaining to its area of governance. These rules, while subject to oversight by the Presidium and the Supreme Soviet, are usually left intact as a matter of practicality.

The Premier, who is the head of government of Livonia, is empowered to issue decrees that form the basis of national law. These decrees are made in the name of the Council and are subject to oversight by the Presidium and the Supreme Soviet.

Current Council of Ministers

Position Name Since
Premier Peter Grier March 2013
Minister of Foreign Affairs Damian Johnson March 2013
Minister of Internal Affairs Peter Grier March 2013
Minister of Defence John Peterson May 2013
Minister of Finance Lauren Grier March 2013
Minister of Justice Peter Grier March 2013
Minister of Trade and Industry John Peterson May 2013