Council of Flemen

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Council of the

1st Parliament
Coat of arms of the Grand Duchy of Flemen
Term limits
12 months
Founded27 September 2021
First Minister
Philip Mountbatten, Conservative
Leader of the Opposition
N/A, Liberal
Seats20 MPs
Unterhaus political groups
HRH Government (11):
  •   Conservative: 11 seats

HRH Loyal Opposition (8):

  •   Liberal: 8 seats

Other opposition (1):

  •   Monarchist Party: 1 seat
Meeting place

Politics and government

HRH, the Grand Duke

His Royal Highness, the Grand Duke of Flemen serves as Head of State for the Grand Duchy of Flemen. He is also the Commander in Chief of the Flemenish Armed Forces. The Grand Duke is the head of the Royal Family and resides at the Royal Palace of Suffolk. The Grand Duke also holds the responsibility of opening parliament.

His Excellency, the First Minister and the Earl of Barnes

The position of the Earl of Barnes comes with the positions of First Minister and serves as the Head of Government for the Grand Duchy. The First Minister/Earl is appointed by the Grand Duke to his position. He can be dismissed at any time by the Grand Duke and replaced with a new person of the Grand Duke's choosing.

Lord of Richmond

The Lord of Richmond is a senior position in the Grand Duchy of Flemen. The Lord of Richmond is appointed by the Grand Duke and will server as Speaker of the Flemish Council. The Lord of Richmond can have his titles stripped from him at any time. The Lord of Richmond represents the Grand Duke as acting Monarch when the Grand Duke is not in the country.

Earl of Putney

The Earl of Putney serves as the Chief Advisor the Grand Duke and is often a former high-ranking member of the Flemenish Council. The Earl of Putney also stands as Chief of Staff to the Flemenish Armed Forces, with the Grand Duke being Commander in Chief. As with the other roles, the Earl of Putney can be dismissed by the Grand Duke at any time.

Regent's Council

The Regent's Council


Caption text
No. Constituency Party
1. Archley (Devon)  
2. Duttyahblow (Guyana)  
3. Regent (London)  
4. Clantsley (London)  
5. Swatsley (Devon)  
6. East Regent (London)  
7. Scranton (Devon)  
8. Gnulon (London)  
9. North Flemen (London)  
10. Pissancechuhrom (Guyana)  
11. Fucking (Devon)  
12. Twalet (London)  
13. Shittabuckta (Guyana)  
14. Tatillise (Devon)  
15. Grenada (London)  
16. Barnes South (London)  
17. Richmond (London)  
18. St. Martins (Devon)  
19. Scrotlen (Devon)  
20. Domemum (Devon)