Corporate chambers

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Corporate chambers, literally vocational chamber were a series of corporate institutions formed in 2011 by king John watson. The first – the Chamber of Industry and productivity , and the second, the Chamber of infrastructure and welfare. John watson had promoted the idea of corporate chambers already in 2009, but the idea did not gain support of the population at the time.A corporative system, based on the example of Italian Social Republic, was to replace the inherently weak and easily corruptible democratic practice election system. The chambers also took part in legislative work in policymaking. Corporate chambers ministers are elected based on their professions and expertise.

List of chambers

Chamber of science,Chamber of Technology,Chamber of defence,Chamber Chamber of Medicines,Chamber of politics,Chamber of law,Chamber of academics and education,Chamber of infrastructure and welfare, Chamber of ventilations and pipes,Chamber of industries and productivity, Chamber of house defence, and Chamber of nature.