Cornovii Theocracy

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Cornovii The Nation of Cornovii is the most powerful and only theocracy in all of Cornwall, it claims the title of the final and only Cornish Nation.


Basic Information


Grand Inquisitor: Akoni Amadeus Aquila (imperator of Romanus Cornovii)

Advisory Inquisitor: Aart Baako Galel (High Lord of Fogren)

Anthem: “Christ Ist Erstanden”

Religion: Christian

Official Languages: Roman Latin, Traditional German, English

Land Claim



Diplomatic Relations

Allies: Ofrait

Enemies: Falghun , libroli Republic

Offical Email:

The Inquisition


Information on the Inquisition

the main defence of Cornovii is the inquisition, it uses standard modern BDU camouflage in the military wing and a grander more religious uniform they also use bb rifles for defence and have been tasked with hunting down heretics and the spreading of the message of the lord.


24 March 2018: 1st imperial elections

Results: Ofrait freedom party 5 votes,

Peoples Cornovii Party 12 votes,

Imperial party 0 votes,

The Fesmarian Empire bill was passed on 25/03/18 and was a proclamation that the theocracy be splint amongst three equal partners, The united kingdom would get northern Cornovii up to the Romanus border, the states of Romanus imperium and Fogren will be annexed to the Fesmarian Nationist Republic, Ofrait will be given full independence.

Autonomous Regions

RomanEmpireFlag.jpg Romanus Imperium: Red

FogrenFlag.png Fogren: Green

Ofrait.jpeg Ofrait: Purple

Romanus Cornovii

Since the dawn of the theocracy, the roman ties have been evident