Constitution of Vryland

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The Constitution of Vryland was promulgated on 12 May 2019. It was granted by King William I, and legally established the system of a parliamentary constitutional monarchy in Vryland.


  • Chapter I: The Parliament
    • Part I: General
    • Part II: The House of Lords
    • Part III: The House of Commons
    • Part IV: Powers of the Parliament
  • Chapter II: The Executive
  • Chapter III: The Judiciary
  • Chapter IV: Finance and Trade (unfinished)
  • Chapter V: Territories
    • Part I: Types of territories
    • Part II: Governance of territories
  • Chapter VI: Charter of Rights and Freedoms
    • Part I: Guarantee of rights and freedoms
    • Part II: Fundamental freedoms
    • Part III: Democratic rights
    • Part IV: Mobility rights
    • Part V: Legal rights
    • Part VI: Equality rights
    • Part VII: Official languages of Vryland
    • Part VIII: Recognised minority languages
    • Part IX: General
    • Part X: Enforcement
    • Part XI: Application of this Charter
  • Chapter VII: Miscellaneous
  • Chapter VIII: Amendments to this Constitution
  • Chapter IX: Application of this Constitution


No amendments have been made to the Constitution.

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