Constitution of Kozlova

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Constitution of Kozlova
[[image:Kozlova flag png new stars.png ]]
Created 02/07/13
Ratified 04/07/13
Location (Saklar)


The Nations of: Sak Clara, Tarkelia, Yavaria and Dormania have formed a new Country by the name of the Democratic People's Republic of Kozlova. This Constitution will lay out the laws and statements that the Country shall Live by

Article 1

The Country of Kozlova remains the right to independence, and the right to decide its own government, laws and system

Article 2

No one is born with the right to citizenship. One must be given citizenship by a member of the government.

The Nation

Article 3

The Nation shall hereby be called the Democratic People's Republic of Kozlova, or Kozlova for short.

Article 4

Kozlova is an independent Democratic Country

Article 5

All power is by the people and for the people. Anyone with power in the government must be chosen by the people, in order to serve them and their country

Article 6

The flag of Kozlova, is a 3 striped flag with white, red and black. Their is a golden hammer and sickle to symbolise the people, and their is a circle of stars around it, to unify the states of Kozlova

Article 7

The Crest of the country is a knight holding a red shield with red and yellow flowers at either side.

Article 8

The motto is: "Struggle ,Equality ,Freedom"

Article 9

The National anthem is: "Kozlovans Unite!"

Article 10

The official languages of Kozlova are as follows: English and Polish

Article 11

Fidelity to ones country and ones people, are expected from a citizen

The Head Government

Article 12

The leader of Kozlova shall be known as the Supreme Leader, who will be expected to serve his country and his people

Article 13

The Vice Leader shall help and support the Supreme Leader

Article 14

Both offices must be elected in, through fair and democratic votes

Article 15

Neither Persons have a right to stop any democratic voting without good reason, such as suspicion of fraud

Article 16

Both Persons stay in term for 6 months, at which point they must be voted back in, or leave their position

Article 17

A trusted person is able to take position of these offices until voting can commence, should the previous owner of the title die, resign, or leave the office for whatever reason

Article 18

This person can only hold the position for a maximum of one week, at which point, democratic voting must be held

Article 19

The Supreme Leader does not have the right to pardon any citizen who is under trial

Article 20

The Supreme Leader may be vested further rights should he deem it necessary, however after one week, these new rights must be allowed by the Peoples Federal Assembly

Article 21

Anyone over 14 may vote in any election

Article 22

Anyone over 14 may run in any election

The High Ministers Assembly

Article 23

The High Ministers Assembly is Kozlova's main Executive Body

Article 24

Members must be freely elected in

Article 25

Members may stay in term for 4 months, at which point democratic elections must be held

Article 26

The High Ministers Assembly has no right to pass new laws and regulations

Article 27

The Supreme Leader is able to retire someone of their office, should he feel it necessary

Article 28

A member must give 1 weeks notice of his resignation

Article 29

A member may hold more than one seat on the Assembly

Article 30

The Assembly is not absolute, and can be abolished by the people if they deem it necessary. Only the People can abolish the Assembly

State Ministers Assembly

Article 31

The State Ministers Assembly is designed to deal with regional business

Article 32

The State Assembly has no federal power

Article 33

Any new ideas must be allowed by the Peoples Federal Assembly

Article 34

If for whatever reason, the State Assembly is unable to continue its work, the power and responsibility shall be given to the High Ministers Assembly

Article 35

Both the Peoples Federal Assembly and the Supreme Leader have the power to abolish the State Assembly if they deem it necessary

Article 35

A member must give 1 weeks notice for resignation

Article 36

Members may stay in term for 4 months, at which point democratic elections must be held

Peoples Federal Assembly

Article 37

The Peoples Federal Assembly is the only Legislative branch of Kozlova

Article 38

They have the utmost power, and can overrule all other positions

Article 39

All Citizens of Kozlova are automatically on the Peoples Federal Assembly

Article 40

Due to Article 40, you remain on the Peoples Federal Assembly for as long as you are a citizen

Article 41

In order to pass a new law, you must have a majority vote

Article 42

The Peoples Federal Assembly may hold votes for new laws or abolition at any point that they feel fit

Article 43

In order for a region to declare independence, they must have a majority following on the Assembly and the support of either the Supreme Leader or the Vice Leader

Article 44

The Peoples Federal Assembly is a separate entity to other branches of the government, therefore it cannot be dissolved and is able to hold talks whenever it feels fit

Article 45

The Peoples Federal Army is governed and maintained by the Assembly

Article 46

No one is able to raise an army without the Supreme Leader allowing it other than the Federal Army

Article 47

In order to join the Peoples Federal Army, you must be allowed by the Supreme Leader and 3 members of the Peoples Federal Army

Article 48

The Peoples Federal Assemblies decisions are absolute, unless they are in breach of the Constitution

Article 49

Any laws passed by the Federal Assembly must be upheld

Article 50

The Federal assembly has no strict guidelines as to maximum term in office, instead, anyone on the Assembly is able to call forward a vote at any time

Fundamental rights

Article 51

All rights on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are absolute and must be upheld by Kozlovans.

Article 52

Anyone in breach of this declaration and proven guilty, instantly loses their citizenship, this is absolute

Article 53

All have the right to free speech. Any laws that collide with this are obsolete.

Article 54

All Kozlovans have the right to form organisations and unions

Article 55

Segregation is not allowed under any circumstances

Article 56

Any human rights not mentioned in this Constitution but in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, are law in Kozlova


Article 57

Laws are passed by the Peoples Federal Assembly only

Article 58

Laws that intervene with the British law or the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are obsolete and may not be passed

Article 59

The Supreme Court is the only entity able to pass judgement

Article 60

No one can interfere with the Supreme Court unless Infidelity is obvious

Foreign Relations

Article 61

Kozlova must always uphold peace, and may only declare war if other nations are breaching law

Article 62

The Kanton Alliance is the official organisation for alliances between Kozlova and other nations


Article 63

Doppeland is accepted as an autonomous state

Article 64

It has declared itself a protectorate

Article 65

Kozlova hereby pledges allegiance to Doppeland, and promises to support it

Article 66

Doppeland hereby pledges allegiance to Kozlova, and promises to support it

Article 67

Doppeland is granted, and grants absolute allowance for citizens to travel within the country

In Closing

Article 68

The Constitution is absolute, and Citizens must obey it, unless an amendment is made for the article in question

Article 69

The Regions of Sak Clara, Tarkelia, Yavaria and Dormania hereby surrender independence and form the Democratic People's Republic of Kozlova

Article 70

Any regions that join Kozlova in the future are given the same rights, and must follow the same laws. The Constitution also applies to them