Constitution of Helveticana

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Constitution of the Soviet Socialist Empire of Helveticana
Created Late December 2014 - 2 January 2015
Ratified 2 January 2015
Authors Adam Judge

The Constitution of Helveticana, officially the Constitution of the Soviet Socialist Empire of Helveticana, is the supreme law of the Soviet Socialist Empire of Helveticana. The document was written by then President of the State of Helveticana Adam Judge from late December 2014 to 2 January 2015, when it was signed by him and replaced the old Constitution of the State of Helveticana, reforming Helveticana into an empire and crowning him its first Emperor. Including the title page, the document consists of 15 pages and 3840 words, and is divided into a preamble, 7 parts spanning 88 articles, and a closing statement.



States the reason for adopting the constitution.

Part I. - The State

Articles 1-10
Establishes the basics of the formation of the state.

Part II. - Fundamental Rights

Articles 11-32
Lists the natural rights guaranteed to every citizen.

Part III. - The Supreme Soviet

Articles 33-56
Establishes the Supreme Soviet, the legislature of the Empire.

Part IV. - The Emperor

Articles 57-70
Establishes the offices of Emperor and Chancellor, and describes the Cabinet.

Part V. - Judiciary

Articles 71-78
Establishes the Imperial Court.

Part VI. - Provinces

Articles 79-85
Establishes the system for provincial divisions, and basics on what provinces can and cannot do.

Part VII. - This Constitution

Articles 85-88
States that the constitution is the highest law of the Empire, and outlines a process for amending.

In Conclusion

Establishes the method for ratification, and states that this constitution replaces the old one.


As of January 2015, no amendments have been made to the Constitution.

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