Constitution of Cachu

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Article 1: freedom

All citizens have the right to life, free speech, healthcar and education.

Article 2

Rezaxia will stay a democratic republic for as long as it lasts. Any attempt to change the type of government will result in severe punishment.

Article 3

Amendments to the constitution must be accepted by the senate.

3.1 Amendments will be written by the writers of this constitution, and be submitted to the Internal Affairs Committee.

3.2 The IAC can veto any amendment with a majority vote from the Senate.

Article 4

All budgets/bills/orders/taxes must be accepted by the senate.

Article 5

To become a citizen, you must fill out the citizenship form.

Article 6

You must be a citizen to become a senator.

Article 7

Any decision made by the Senate must have a majority vote of agreement to send to the President for signing (or possible veto)

Article 8

Veto powers

8.1 Presidential vetos must be done publicly, in front of the press and IAC. See 8.1.a



The IAC will not be asked any questions, as indicated in Article 18.

Article 9

A law needs to be signed by the president to become a official law.

9.1 The president has the right to veto any senate decision, publicly only.

Article 10

All people and businesses must pay tax or could be forced to close/or have your income decrease.

Article 11

Cachu is a democracy

Article 12

Article 13

Ministers are to be chose by the Senate bo matter which party.

Article 14

The senate is the only body that can set or change the budget for each fiscal year.

14.1 The MoF decides how much to spend said budget for each area on.

14.2 The MoF will send a loose plan to the government agency of a matching field for evaluation.

14.2.1 The MoF cannot directly spend any money unless stated by the budget.

14.3 The MoF is responsible for providing accounts for all government expenditure.

14.3.a Failure to adhere to Article 15.3

14.3 The MoF is responsible for reporting all government expenditure in their respective areas

Article 15

The senate handles bills, some projects if the cabinet says yes to send it to the senate.

Article 16

Any person who breaks the law will be punished.

16.1 Law breakers will be sentenced on a case-by-case basis.

Article 17

Any act of violence of a government will result in prison time.

17.1 The Federal Court must