Conservative Party (New Albion)

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Conservative Party of New Albion
Conservative Parity o New Albion
LeaderArchibald Sinclair
Founded22 June 2019
Membership  (2019)1
Social democracy
Christian politics
Political positionRight wing
Official coloursBlue
Seats in the House of Assembly
0 / 10

The Conservative Party (Scots: Conservative Pairty) is a right wing political party in New Albion. Sometimes reffered to as the Conservatives or simply the Tories.

Positioned firmly on the right wing of New Albion's political discourse, the party is ideologically conservative. The party also stresses the importance of environmentalism and protecting the natural beauty of New Albion. The party has supported elements of a welfare state, believing it to be beneficial to the family unit. It is also motivated by the Christian faith, particularly the Protestant Anglican Communion. The party has pushed for the creation of a state Church to protect traditional values and faith itself.

The party is opposed to the weakening of the crown, further secularisation of the state, free trade and economic liberalism as a whole. The party takes on the ideology of a more traditional, socially conservative movement. It stands against both the extreme left and right, believing both to be dangerous to the well being of the crown and traditionalism as a whole.