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This page focused on the doings of the Wilson Hills National Congress. The National Congress was the only lawmaking system in the State of Wilson Hills.

The Wilson Hills National Congress (after October 2019, the Wilson Hills Triumvirate) convened on the 28th of every month in Alexandria C.T., until the President and the Governor moved.


July 2018

This was the first time the National Congress met. However there was no representative from the state of Kay Pointe, so everything was agreed upon unanimously. The following is what passed:

  • Soren was named President, Andrew was named National Administrator, and Alex was named the Military General.
  • The Capital was named Alexandria.
  • States that, if they have the majority vote in their respective territory, can legally secede.

August 2018

  • On August, 25th, Wilson Hills officially recognized the Republic of Lakotah.
  • On August, 26th, The Wilson Hills Congress moved to make the Department of Internal Affairs, It handled things that the Congress does, but shouldn't. It would be democratically elected.

November 2018

  • Treaty of Montauk ratified.
  • Articles of Alexandria passed

Before 2019

There were probably more Congressional meetings after August 2018 and before 2019, however there little to no records of this.


January 2019

  • Treaty of Volusia ratified

February 2019

  • Military Resolution 2.10.19 passed
  • Constitutional Amendment I passed

March 2019

  • WSF Commission Plan passed
  • Territory of West Springfield passed

April 2019

  • Speaker of the House Bill passed

July 2019

  • Constitutional Amendment II passed

September 2019

  • Wilson Hills Name Amendment passed
  • Wilson Hills Symbolism Bill passed

October 2019

  • Ecology Bill passed
  • Transparency Act passed
  • Treasury Bill passed
  • Legislative Meetings Act passed
  • Triumvirate Act passed


This is by no means a comprehensive list, this is only what has been documented.