Confederation of Ushorton

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Confederation of Ushortaniom
Motto Er esmy yp givl s fph om yjr sdd
Anthem Er divl vpvl
Official languages English, Ushorton (Ni;; djoy)
membership 9
Capitol Commonwealth of Szczwrizcieske
Goverment Confederal Consitutional Monarchy
Prince HRH Prince Samuel Mansard
Established July 21, 2006
Currency: Leaf
Location North America; South Carolina
Land Area 5 acres

Ushorton (Confedration of Ushorton)

The Confederation of Ushortaniom (Ushorton: ;smf pg fi,nsddrd [Confedration of Ushorton for short]) is a micronation located in the US state of South Carolina, roughly 30 miles southwest of the village of Buckleton-chelsea-birmingham-manchester-oxford-london-nottingham. It was formally founded as the Tetrarch of Ushorton, then the Principality of Ushorton and, to what it is now. Confederation of Ushorton was founded on July 21, 2006.


Confedration of Ushorton was until July 21, 2007 a part of the United States of America. Displeased by the lack of political understanding of the American middle-class, four family members drew up the plan to secceed from the US. Months of planning payed off when in the summer of 2006, the (then) Tetrach was established. Though a letter of secession was written, no formal reply was ever made.

  • note: A Tetrach is a form of government when four persons rule equally.

As time went on, the balance of power seemed to keep swaying between the four Princes. Frustrated by the growing situation, the Governors voted for a single Prince. So on January 1, 2007 the oldest, Prince Samuel Mansard, was chosen. Since then, Ushorton grew tremendously. Acquiring twice the original land it once has and establishing a wildlife refuge.

On September 19, 2007 the Council of Governors and decided that the Principality would be reorganized into a Confederal Consitutional Monarchy system of government. The Prince still would be the head of state, but more powers shall be given to the individual to govern themselves but with some federal laws being enacted for the nation as a whole. This form of government closely remembles Thomas Jefferson's "Jeffersonian Era" in US History, when Jefferson wanted more power for the states.

The decision made by the Council was fully supported by the Union of North American Micronations.


Official Name - Confederation of Ushorton

Motto - "Er esmy yp givl s fph om yjr sdd" Ushorton meaning "You should not look back but instead to future"

National Anthem - "Er divl vpvl" Ushorton meaning "You will win"

Government - Confederal Constitutional Monarchy

National Language - English, Ushorton

Constitution signed - September 26, 2007

Founded - July 21, 2006

Capitol - Commonwealth of Szczwrizcieske

Head of State - Prince Samuel Mansard

Head of Legislation - Sir Jack Hornton, Governor-General

Head of Judiciary - Honorable Mrs. Dawn Rotheram

Currency - Ushorton leaf

Population - 13

National Insect - Slug

National Flower - Tulip

Land area - 5 acres

Dependencies - Commonwealth of Szczókarecisławl

Military - Ushorton Red Neck Army

Religion - No state religion

Geographic area - American Midwest; NE Illinois


1. The Commonwealth of Szczwrizcieske (Capitol Commonwealth) - Szczwrizcieske was founded on July 21, 2006. It serves as the Executive office and home of the Prince. All Ushorton records are kept here. It has a land area of .36 acres with a population of 4.

2. The Commonwealth of Driftwood - Driftwood was founded on July 21, 2006. It contains the Council Chambers of the Governors and Supreme Court. A military detachment is also located here. It has a land area of .25 acres with a population of 3.

3. The Commonwealth of Briarwood - Briairwood was founded on July 21, 2006. It is the recreational area for the Prince and Princess. It has a land area of .25 acres and a population of 4.

4. The Commonwealth of Evergreen - Evergreen was founded on October 12, 2006. It is an underdeveloped commonwealth and is home to Ushorton Red Neck Army It has a land area of .50 acres and a population of 5.

5. The Commonwealth of the Brzczchowniensk Isles - Brzczchowniensk was annexed on March 30, 2007. It is currently uninhabited and is used as a Wildlife refuge. It is under the jurisdiction of the Council of Governors and has a land area of 80 acres.

6. The Commonwealth of Szczókarecisławl - Szczókarecisławl was annexed on April 2, 2007 when it was formerlly called the Principlaity of Szczókarecisławl. It is the only Commonwealth to hold the title of Dependency of the Confederacy. It has it's own military, laws, Princess, and it's land area is divided into districts. It has a land area of just over 25 acres and a population of 17.

7. The Commonwealth of Adamski - Adamski was founded on July 22, 2007 when Sir. Michael Adamiski signed the Pact of Hernandez and Adamski on Independence week. It has a land area of .25 and a population of 4.

8. The Commonwealth of Everette - Everette was annexed on August 1, 2007. It is currently the smallest of the . It has a land area of .21 acres and a population of 4.

9. The Commonwealth of Jamestown - Jamestown was annexed on August 17, 2007. It is currently underdeveloped, yet has a military detachment. It has a land area of .25 acres with a population of 5.

Ushorton Red Neck Army

Ushorton Red Neck Army or First Encounter Assualt Recon is the primary military service in Confedration of Ushorton It is responsible for all defensive actions required in protecting Confedration of Ushorton's 80-90 acres of land. There are three major internal military installations in Confedration of Ushorton with one external. Fort Driftwood, Fort Evergreen, Fort Jamestown, and Air Station Lewis about three miles south of Szczwrizcieske. There are currently fourteen members in Ushorton Red Neck Army with five officers and nine enlisted personel.

The Prince is the Commander-in-Chief with his rank being General of Ushorton Red Neck Army All ranks are based of the United States Marine Corps since many Ushorton Red Neck Army members are U.S. Marines, including the Prince. Ushorton Red Neck Army operates four ATV's used for patrols while the rest is used for Commonwealth defense, excluding Szczókarecisławl, which has it's own military service.

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