Coalition of the Allied Microstates

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Coalition of Allied Microstates
[[File:{{{image1}}}|125px|border|Flag of Coalition of the Allied Microstates]]
Motto: To freedom and nationalism
File:United States of America
Official languagesEnglish, Spanish, Latin, Proper english
LegislatureAristocratic Council
EstablishmentOctober 3rd, 2016
• Census
CurrencyVirtuan rations, USD, bitcoin
Time zoneEastern standard


The Coalition of the Allied Microstates was founded in early 2016 by the Virtuan Alliance Republic, to promote a strong alliance of nations who would work together in a time of any Micronational world wars. The coalition is small as of March 2016 but has a strict code of conduct when dealing with other national organizations. . Currently the coalition is still accepting members.


  • Help anyone who wants to join or make a microstate.
  • Do not harm other Micronations members unless told to.
  • The killing or maiming of another human being is against the law of the CAM and will result in imprisonment.
  • All deals and trade unions are to be passed through CAM channels first to examine and dispute them.
  • Anyone can join the CAM regardless of government, race or religion.


As of september of 2016, the Coalition has only 7 nations in its ranks and there combined military strength is 12 soldiers.

  • Virtuan Alliance Republic
  • Kamora
  • Riot island
  • KinCopia
  • Assassin league
  • Pheonix empire
  • Genkish Khang empire


In 2016 the C.A.M. went head to head with the dreaded Fascist Nations United (FNU) and won. the nations lost the war and surrendered most of there assets. When the war was over the C.A.M. gave the medal of diplomacy to the Honorable Ambassador Trent, for negotiating the surrender. Major General Nick was given the official rank of five star major general. The F.N.U. has not been heard from since the war.

How to join

  • You must go to the site below and email the VAR
  • You must have a nation or have an idea to make one
  • You must agree to the rules and terms above

References and external links

Official website of the V.A.R.