Clove Ale (Barbettian beverage)

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Clove Ale is a non-alcoholic beverage invented by the Kings of Barbettia. Clove Ale is made from a variety of ingredients, with the main ingredient being cloves. Clove Ale was invented in February, 2016, and is a fairly new part of Barbettian Culture. Clove ale must be freshly made, and can be carbonated or not carbonated. This drink is most similar to ginger ale. Though invented in February 2016, the cultural core of clove ale go back much further. Clove Ale is an important drink in Barbettia, and is served from time to time, especially at the Barbettian Arts and Culture Show.

Clove Ale is said to include all that tastes, with a slight predominance of bitterness. Depending on the ale and the brewer, tastes can vary from sour-dominant, to sweet-dominant, to bitter-dominant, and salty is but a background flavor. Overall, the ale is an interesting drink that is cherished in the Empire of Barbettia.

The ingredients and instructions will, quite soon, be integrated into the cookbook of Barbettia.