Cloughian War

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The Cloughian War
Conflict: The Cloughian War
Date: June 2nd - June 6th
Place: Cloughica, Kington and Rintoullia
Outcome: Peace Deal and a United Cakeland
Cakeland including the duchy of Rintoullia and Duchy of Cydonia Cloughica, Kington and The Kingdom of Stim
King Joe of Cakeland, General Murphy Duke Jack, Duke Josh and King Mike

Opening Moves

June 1st: the same day of it's creation the neighbouring nation of Cloughia declared war on the cakelandian province of Rintoullia following King Jack Barraclugh of Clughia's argument with Richard Rintoul the Duke of Rintoullia.

June 2nd: King Joe was informed by Duke Rintoul of the declaration and in council with General Thomas Murphy and Duke Rintoul declared war on Cloughia.

June 3rd: Duchy of Kington and the kingdom of Stim join with Cloughica. Cakeland invades Kington and takes over it's lands. King Joe fails in getting the enemy to surrender and then acquire a peace treaty.

June 4th: Cloughica signs a peace deal with Cakeland.

June 5th: Cakelandian, Rintoullian and forces from several Duchy's invade the kingdom of stim seized it.

June 6th: The Kingdom of Stim becomes the duchy of Stim and Kington is returned to the it's duke. The war ended


Thou not the largest war or most noteable, it has resulted in the duchy of Stim entering Cakeland, currently ruled by Duke Rintoul. As well as the increase in Cakelandian territory, reflection on the war resulted in an increase to Cakeland's defence with the purchase of several BBguns.