City of Bäckahällen

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Flag of the City of Bäckahällen
CountryImperial State of Econia
PrincipalityPrincipality of Bäckahällen
Founded1 February 2015
City Status30 October 2023
 • Director of the CityCharles Berg
 • Total0.08 km2 (0.03 sq mi)
 • Total25
 • Rank1st
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)

The City of Bäckahällen is the capital and largest city in the Imperial State of Econia. It is located in the Principality of the same name and houses almost all the residence of the principality. The city is located along the Econian River and is home to the only bridge within the nation crossing the river: The Sovereigns Bridge. It is also home to most government institutions including the Sovereigns Residence and 119 Ant Lane where the government has it's seat. The city is led by the Director of the City who is appointed by the Prince of Bäckahällen (the Sovereign). The office is mostly ceremonial.


Sovereigns Residence

119 Ant Lane

Imperial Square

Ant Park