Church of Vryland

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Church of Vryland
Kerk van Vryland
Kirk o Vryland
Church of Vryland.png

Founder William I, King of Vryland
Founded April 2019
Supreme Governor King William I
Primate Archbishop Archibald Sinclair
Territory Vryland
Languages English, Afrikaans
Members 3
Bishops 1

The Church of Vryland (Afrikaans: Kerk van Vryland, Scots: Kirk o Vryland) is the officially-established Anglican church of Vryland. The primate has the title of Archbishop of Boardman, although the monarch is the Supreme Governor. Its jurisdiction covers the territory of Vryland, but it is not officially recognised by the Anglican Communion.

The Church of Vryland is one of many churches within the Anglican Communion. Although it is the only officially recognised religious denomination in Vryland, the majority of people in Vryland do not belong to it. The church describes itself as "Anglican" and mainly follows the Anglican Communion although it is not officially in communion with it.

The Church of Vryland is one of two religious institutions to be recognised by the Government of Vryland, the other being the Celtic Catholic Church.

Leaders of the Church

Patriarch of Vryland

Church of Vryland.png

Archbishop of Boardman

Style: The Most Reverend
First Patriarch: Nicholas O'Neill
Formation: 2019

The statute of the Church provides that the church is led by the Archbishop of Boardman. The current Archbishop of Boardman is the Most Reverend Archbishop Archibald Sinclair.

Portrait Name Took office Left office Notes
1 Archbishop portrait.png TMR Archbishop Nicholas O'Neill April 2019 May 2019 Elected Patriarch on 5 April 2019, the first to hold the title Archbishop of Boardman.
2 TMR Archibishop Archibald Sinclair May 2019 present Elected Patriarch on 8 May 2019.