Charles I of Thebes

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King Charles I of Thebes, or Charles Miller, is the former king and co-founder of Thebes. He has also served as Vizier. He is known for the conquests of the Meme Nation, Mugie, Troy, and Garf Nation.

Royal and Political Title
Preceded By Position Succeeded By
Eithan I King of Thebes James I
Political Title
Preceded By Position Succeeded By
N/A Vizier of Thebes Alex Savage
James Miller Eithan Ackerman
Eithan Ackerman Consul of Education and Knowledge Incumbent

Founding of Thebes

Charles Miller and Eithan Ackerman founded Thebes on June 19, 2019. Eithan Ackerman became King Eithan I, and Charles Miller became Vizier. Charles Miller participated in much of the nation building at the time and nominated many consuls. He also made the fateful decision to recruit his cousin, Nicholas Gage, as general.

The Garf Conflict

On June 31, 2019, Nicholas Gage and James Miller declared themselves independent from Thebes as the Garf Nation. Because communication was slim, and Thebes had no standing military, Charles Miller was de facto in charge of making diplomatic and military decisions regarding the conflict. He led the Theban Military at the Battle of Becusa, which ended in a stalemate. After the battle, he and King Nicholas agreed to an unsteady peace. Later, he diplomatically orchestrated the defection of Caroline and Abraham Gage from Garf. Soon after, he established an alliance with the newly independent Sparta under Nicholas I. Tensions rose between Garf and Thebes, heading towards war, with Garf annexing the Garf Island Chain, and Miller seizing the Cabin Territory for Thebes. However, James Miller, now King James of Garf, came to Charles Miller with a treaty outlining the resolution of the conflict and the absorption of Garf into Thebes. Miller met with King Eithan and several other consuls to sign the treaty and officially have Garf join Thebes as the Garf province. Later the same day, the Cabin Territory was incorporated as the provinces of Millerus and Ackermanus.