Empire of Chang Zhang

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Empire of Chang Zhang

Flag of Chang Zhang.jpgImperial Emblem of Chang Zhang.png

(Long live Chang Zhang)
Capital cityTaichu
Official language(s)Chinese, English
DemonymChang Zhangese
Chang Zhanger
- EmperorEnoch Chung
- Prime MinisterIsaac Chung
EstablishedOctober 2014
Time zoneChang Zhang Standard Time

Chang Zhang (昌张), officially the Empire of Chang Zhang (昌张帝国), was a micronation located in Southern China and Northern Virginia.


The Empire Of Chang Zhang was established in November 3–4, 2014 by Isaac Chung, He declared Chang Zhang independent from the United States and China. In its early foundation CZ claimed small parts of Southern China, nearby Hong Kong. Unfortunately, a few weeks later Isaac left micronationalism and CZ ceased to exist. Enoch managed to encourage Isaac to rejoin, CZ was reestablished shortly after. Chang Zhang later disbanded on 2015.

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