Luis Colón

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His Excellency, Generalísimo
Luis Colón
Caudillo of Mirador
Assumed office
15 September 2015
Personal details
Puerto Rico
NationalityMiradorian, American
Political partyFM
ResidenceVertena, Mirador
Military service
AllegianceMiradorflag.png República de Mirador
Service/branchFuerzasArmadas.png Fuerzas Armadas Miradoreñas
Years of service2015 - present
RankCaptain General

His Excellency, the Head of State Luis Colón OCE MKB (born 2000) is a Miradorian politician. He is serving as President of the Republic of Mirador since September 15, 2015.

Republic of Mirador

President Colón founded Mirador in 2015. A year after that, Mirador went through its first war, known as the Mirador-Dragonia war. After said war Mirador gained the whole territory of Dragonia. President Colón proceeded to found the Partido Fascista de Mirador (English: Fascist Party of Mirador). Mirador has always been a totalitarian dictatorship, but with the founding of the Fascist Party it was made clear to every citizen and foreigner. The Fascist Party was abolished in 2018 and instead the Partido Nacional Justicialista Obrero Miradoreño (English: Miradorian National Justicialist Workers Party) was founded. This party was short-lived, as it was abolished in 2019 and substituted by the Falange Miradoreña.

Standard for Colón, Miradorian President, adopted July 28, 2019

Awards and decorations

Foreign awards and decorations

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