Captain General of the Royal Wellmoorean Marines

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Captain General is the highest rank in The Royal Wellmoorean Marine Corps, held by the Commander-in-Chief. It's equivalent to Field Marshal, Marshal of the Royal Wellmoorean Air Force and Admiral of the Fleet.

Captain General
Capitão General
Rank Insignia of Captain General
CountryWellmoore's Flag.jpg The Kingdom of Wellmoore
Service branchRoyal Wellmoorean Marines Ensign.jpg Royal Wellmoorean Marine Corps
NATO rankOF-10
Non-NATO rankO-11
Formation16th of March 2020
Rank groupGeneral Officers
Next lower rankGeneral
Equivalent ranksField Marshal

Marshal of the RWAF

Admiral of the Fleet

Insignia of the Rank

The rank insignia of a Captain General in the Wellmoorean Marine Corps comprises two crossed batons in a wreath of oak leaves, with a crown above.

List of Captain Generals

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