Cabinet of Albia

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Cabinet of Albia
Cabinet overview
Formed12 June 2022
TypeCommittee of the Privy Council
JurisdictionGovernment of Albia
Minister responsible
Deputy Minister responsible

The Cabinet of Albia is the senior decision making body of the Government of Albia. A committee of the Privy Council, it is chaired by the Prime Minister of Albia and its members include senior appointed ministers from across the government.


The Cabinet of Albia is the oldest government division in the Kingdom of Albia. It was founded on 12 June 2022 by Luke I of Albia.


Offices and Ministries of the Albian Cabinet
Ministry/Office Officeholder
Prime Minister's Office Vacant
Ministry of Culture Vacant
Ministry of Defence Vacant
Ministry of Education Vacant
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Vacant
Ministry of Immigration Vacant
Ministry of Internal Affairs Vacant
Ministry of Justice Vacant
Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs Vacant
Ministry of Research and Science Vacant
Ministry of Tourism Vacant
Ministry of Transport Vacant
Ministry of Veteran Affairs Vacant

Appointment of ministers

All ministers that sit in the Cabinet of Albia are nominated by the Prime Minister of Albia, however, as the Cabinet of Albia is a subdivision of the Privy Council, the Monarch of Albia makes the final appointments of ministers. The monarch may also dismiss ministers without notice or cause.


The Cabinet of Albia is ultimately the most senior and executive branch of the government after the Monarch of Albia. As a result, they play an important role in the legislative process within the Kingdom of Albia. Due to this, the prime minister is advised to only nominate people for positions that they feel could adequately carry out their nominated positions efficiently and effectively.

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