Cabinet Office (Skovaji)

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Cabinet Office


The office's flag. Unlike the other departments, the Cabinet Office has a flag, rather than a symbol. This is a remnant from its short period as an autonomus organisation in the Skovajan Anarcho-Communist State, hence the hammer and sickle.

Established 4 June 2016
Country Skovaji
Nicknames N/A


Run directly by Ofie derinvart hSkovagee
President Kerry Stapleton
Party Alleigance Evon-Mortarists
General Information
Headquarters Skovaji

The Cabinet Office is the board of the Skovajan Government that assists the government, including the Ofie derinvart hSkovagee and the Seanad derinvart hSkovagee (High Council). It is in charge of orgainsing meetings of the Ofie and the High Council, and when the Exeter Union meet in Skovaji it is also responsible for those meetings.

The Office also supervises meetings of the Seanad derinvart hSkovagee, ensuring that argument does not take place.


The Cabinet Office was founded in November 2015 by the Skovajan Anarcho-Communist State to organise meetings of Skovaji's first elected body, the Parliament of Skovaji. When the nation was returned to the Lord Wesley, the Cabinet Office ceased function. In March 2016, along with 43 other departments, the Cabinet Office became an official arm of the Skovajan government. Following an in-department referndum, it was decided that the department would keep the logog given to it by the Skovajan Aanarcho-Communists state, although they no longer use a black and orange colour scheme, as can be seen on their webiste.


The Cabinet office work to assist the Ofie derinvart hSkovagee and the Seanad derinvart hSkovagee in organising thier meetings, and in their smooth running. They were founded in 2015 by the Skovajan Anarcho-Communist State (hence our unique logo) as a group within their parliament, anlthough we are now a fully-fledged government office. Their webiste states that,

"Our job is crucial in the running of Skovaji: with no Cabinet Office, comes no meetings of the Ofie or the High Council, and no progress made within meetings that dissolve into bickering and fighting."

The Office does play an important role in the running of the nation, as without their work teh Ofie derinvart hSkovagee and the Seanad derinvart hSkovagee would be unliekly to meet, which would result in eiteh rstagnation or dictatorship within the country.


The Cabinet Office has a budget of £5.00 per meeting, which it is allowed to spend on transportation, I.C.T access and location booking. Any money that the Office does not spend is returned to The Treasury.

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