Cöoòóôöoòóôöoòóôöoòóôöoòóôs Confederation

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The Cöoòóôöoòóôöoòóôöoòóôöoòóôs Confederation
(The Cöos Confederation)
Coat of arms
Motto: Unincorporated Territories of the World Unite!
(Latin: Territoria Unincorporata Mundi Unitae!)
Anthem: Glory to Cöos
Location in Coös County, New Hampshire
Location in Coös County, New Hampshire
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
• (as of 2020 census) census
Time zone(EST)

The Cöoòóôöoòóôöoòóôöoòóôöoòóôs Confederation, more commonly known as the Cöos Confederation, is a micronation in New England, United States. It consists of several unincoporated territories within New England, primarily being within New Hampshire, within Cöos County. It lays claim to territory in Vermont, Maine and Connecticut as well. It was originally founded by two members of the nation, who wanted to unite several of the townships near Mount Washington, therefore inspiring the possible name of the Mt. Washington Federation. However, the name Cöos Confederation was chosen instead, due to the local county that almost all of the townships were located in. Most of the confederation is located within wilderness, with several small settlements dotted around.


The name was created based on the already existing name of Cöos County, being located within the larger nation of the United States. The name Coös derives from the Algonquian word meaning "small pines". The official name of Cöoòóôöoòóôöoòóôöoòóôöoòóôs Confederation, is derived from the twenty-five townships, with each o representing a township. However, due to difficulty pronouncing it, it was shortened to the Cöos Confederation for simplification.


It was originally established in 2022, as a collective of the many townships within New Hampshire with almost no population, mostly situated within the vacinity of Mt. Washington, as a way to draw attention to them, before becoming a fully established loose-confederacy between each of the townships, due to the lack of a strong federal government. The confederation currently consists of West Central Franklin, Marshall Island, Louds Island, Twombly Ridge, Perkin, Bean's Grants, Bean's Purchases, Chandler's Purchase, Crawford's Purchase, Cutt's Grant, Dix's Grant, Erving's Location, Green's Grant, Hadley's Purchase, Kilkenny, Low and Burbank's Grant, Pinkham's Grant, Sargent's Purchase, Success, Tangletown, Bread Loaf, Satans Kingdom, Moscow, Gaysville, and Hawleyville. The largest of these being Success, with a population of four.


The government of the Cöos Confederation is a loose confederation, with each township being practically autonomous, only meeting up to make collective decisions on a federal level, otherwise acting mostly on their own. The federal government meets in Success, due to it being both the capital and most populous township, to vote on basic decisions, such as foreign relations, economics, as well as the central bank and other federal institutions being operated and located within Success.