United Royal Settlements

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The United Royal Settlements (URS)
United Royal Settlements Flag.png
URS Coat of Arms(small).png
Coat of Arms

Capital cityFlag of Bugatnya.jpg Smock Station
Official language(s)Newlandic, English & German
DemonymHousenasian, Royalites, Damish, Newlandic
- Head of StateHE Emperor Peter I, HE Empress Jennifer I
Established21 January 2017
Population6 (2017 census)
CurrencyDamish Euro (DE)
Time zoneGMT (Greenwich Mean Time)

The United Royal Settlements was a State in New Amsterdam from January 2017 to April 2017, it acted as a Group of all of the Towns & Cities that the Royal Family live in, it it had three Settlements in their Union, Bugatnya, the former Capital of New Amsterdam, Whittleton, a Suburb of Smock Station, and Petersborga, the Town where the Heads of State live in.

It's main attraction was the House of Samuel, named after former Emperor, which was displayed on former Region of New Amsterdam, Housenasia.