Britness Kingdom Army

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Britness Kingdom Army
Emblem of the Britness Kingdom Army
Motto"who tests us, we will break His habit of liking the exam forever."
FoundedJune 28, 2020
Service branchesBGF flag.png Britness Ground Force
BN flag.png Britness Navy
BAF1 flag.png Britness Air Force
HeadquartersMinistry of Defence (UKNB)
Defense MinisterJohann Kümmel
Supreme CommanderKing Alexey Mikhailov
Military age13+
Active personnel7

Britness Kingdom Army is the army of the UKNB. The current commander-in-chief is King Alexey Mikhailov,


Since the founding of the United Kingdom of Britness, there has been no army in charge of the defense of UKNB, From the early days of the founding, there was the Defense Ministry, but there was no Defense Minister, and there was only a king Alexey Mikhailov in the army. The king felt the need for an army, so on July 11, 2020, the first applicant came out and appointed him as the Defense Minister.

the brains of the armed forces


  • Ground Force (육군)
    • Special Forces (특수부대)
  • Air Force (공군)
  • Navy (해군)